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Breast Augmentation and Enhancement Surgery

There are many reasons you may be considering breast augmentation surgery. But whatever your reason – reversing the effects of aging, increasing volume after pregnancy, changing the shape of your breasts, or simply going up a bra size or two – it all comes down to making you look good … and feel good.

Women who have had breast augmentation surgery say their new figure increases their self-confidence. What’s not to like about that?

Using his extensive training and experience, Dr. Lucas can help you achieve the results you desire.

He will start by listening as you tell him what’s most important to you. With that understanding, he will perform a comprehensive exam during which he will evaluate your tissue type and take lots of measurements.

After that, the fun begins!

Using the advanced VECTRA 3D Imaging System, Dr. Lucas and his staff will take a three-dimensional photograph and, using simulation tools, create 3D representations of how you could look after surgery. So before you decide which type of implant you want, you can see how each one will look in YOUR body!

The best type of implant for you will depend upon many factors. During your consultation, Dr. Lucas will explain the options and help you decide. At the Lucas Center Plastic Surgery we work with implants – both smooth and textured – made by leading manufacturers including Natrelle, Mentor, and Sientra. Dr. Lucas was an early adopter of textured shaped implants (sometimes referred to as gummy bear implants) and has had great success using them for his patients.

He will also discuss with you the various insertion techniques – the pros and cons of each including recovery, scarring, and results – and together you will determine your best option.

Based on data presented at the Atlanta Breast Symposium in January 2015 by Dr. Dan DelVecchio, as many as 40-60% of women seeking breast enhancement would greatly benefit from additional shaping through the use of fat grafting during implant surgery. Fat grafting improves results by giving the breasts a softer, suppler appearance.

Dr. Lucas has been using fat grafting with superior results for many years. Constantly studying the most current medical research, he stays abreast of new developments as the art and science of fat grafting continues to evolve. This ensures you get the results you’re looking for.

You can relax knowing Dr. Lucas will be personally involved to advise you at each step in the process – from your initial consultation to your post-operative recovery, and everything in between.

To schedule an initial consultation in Knoxville, TN with Dr. Lucas, call The Lucas Center Plastic Surgery at (865) 218-6210.