A Comprehensive Three-Dimensional Rejuvenation Center

Breast Implant Position and Surgical Access

Breast implants can be positioned either in the space under the chest muscle (subpectoral) or directly under the breast tissue (subglandular). The decision is based on several factors which can be discussed during the consultation.

The location of the surgical access of the final scar position can be in one of three locations: around the nipple-aerolar complex (periareolar), under the arm (transaxillary), or under the breast fold (inframammary).

Overall, the implant chosen is based on many factors such as size of the patient, residual breast tissue, position of the breast on the chest wall, skin quality and patient preferences for size and shape. As in all procedures offered, the final decisions will be reached by the patient in concert with the educational information provided by Dr. Lucas to reach the optimal choice and to give the best and most predictable result.