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Breast Reduction

If you have large breasts, you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in your clothes, suffer constant strain on your neck and shoulders, experience headaches or backaches, be unable to exercise comfortably, and feel generally fatigued.

Breast reduction surgery will literally take the weight off your shoulders! After surgery, many women wonder why they waited so long to do it in the first place. As a group, breast reduction surgery patients are extremely satisfied with their results.

Breast reduction is an outpatient surgery. Afterwards, you can expect to enjoy immediate relief from shoulder pain, neck pain, backaches, and headaches associated with having large breasts. Although you will experience some soreness from the surgery itself, most women agree that temporary post-surgical discomfort pales against a lifetime of carrying around the weight of large, heavy breasts.

Dr. Lucas has analyzed all aspects of breast reduction surgery throughout his many years as a board-certified plastic surgeon. Experience has shown him that the best, most long-lasting results are achieved when the breast tissue is supported from above, rather than relying on the skin (which tends to stretch over time) to maintain its shape in the face of gravity and the weight of the breasts.

Therefore, he utilizes an advanced surgical technique whereby the breast tissue is supported from within the chest wall, rather than just hanging in the skin. This lessens the chance of significant sagging of the breasts over time.

During your individual consultation with Dr. Lucas, he will make recommendations for your breast reduction surgery, based upon your specific situation.

If you currently have large, pendulous breasts and are seeking relief, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lucas in Knoxville, TN.