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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear surgery is an effective tool for correcting damaged or deformed ears. At the Lucas Center for Plastic Surgery, we treat all types of ear deformities including:

  • Prominent ear deformity – ears that stick out
  • Traumatic earlobe deformity – earlobes damaged by heavy jewelry or being yanked on
  • Gauged or stretched earlobes – earlobes that have been deliberately expanded

Prominent Ear Deformity

Prominent ear deformity is, simply stated, ears that stick out. Do you or your child suffer from prominent ears? Protruding ears can be a source of ridicule and embarrassment, for both children and adults. The medical reason for prominent ear deformity is an absence of one of the folds that keep the ears close to the head.

This can be easily corrected with ear surgery or otoplasty.

Board certified plastic surgeon Jay H. Lucas, M.D. performs otoplasty on patients as young as six years of age, the age at which at least 80% of the ear cartilage has developed. He also corrects protruding ears for adults of any age.

This outpatient surgery involves reshaping the ear cartilage to lie flatter against the head. The ears are held in place with permanent internal sutures. Ear surgery can be performed on one or both ears, depending on your specific needs.

Traumatic Earlobe Deformities

Have your earlobes stretched and become deformed, either from wearing excessively large earrings or from a young child yanking on them?

Dr. Lucas can repair damaged earlobes right in his office, by repositioning the tissue and closing the edges of the lobe. We recommend you wait at least three months before re-piercing your ear lobes.

Stretched or Gauged Earlobes

Earlobe gauging or stretching has become a popular trend in people of all ages. Unfortunately, what once seemed like a good idea may now be preventing you from finding a job, enlisting in the military, or presenting a professional appearance.

Dr. Lucas is able to rearrange the tissue to restore your earlobes back to their natural appearance. This procedure can be done in our office, under a local anesthetic. It typically takes approximately one hour per ear, with good results.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can correct your ear deformities, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lucas.