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Facial Skeletal Augmentation- Implants/Genioplasty in Knoxville, TN

This area of plastic surgery includes:

  • Cheek implants
  • Chin implants and lower jaw enhancements
  • Genioplasty (chin repositioning)

Aesthetic plastic surgery on the face can improve your overall appearance and make you feel better about yourself. Because your face is arguably the most important aspect of your appearance, it’s best to seek an experienced, highly qualified surgeon for the job.

Board certified plastic surgeon Jay H. Lucas, M.D. in Knoxville, TN is highly educated in the anatomy of the face. Having completed both medical school and dental school, as well as fellowships in both oral/maxillofacial surgery and craniofacial plastic surgery, his understanding of the structure and mechanics of the face makes him uniquely qualified to perform aesthetic enhancements, with superior outcomes.

If you are unhappy with your face, but you can’t quite put your finger on what’s bothering you, you may have an imbalance in your facial features that can be corrected through implants, genioplasty (chin repositioning), or other enhancements.

Dr. Lucas can camouflage skeletal disharmony caused by a chin that is too short or too long, a jaw that is too small, cheeks that are flat, teeth that show too much, or other imbalances in the face. By using the VECTRA advanced three-dimensional imaging system, he will perform an in depth analysis of your face and make recommendations for achieving the results you desire.

Implants – Chin or Cheek

Dr. Lucas uses an implant material called Medpor for implants in the chin or cheek. Medpor is an easily carved compound which can be customized for your facial needs. Once in place, it is fixed to the bone with a tiny titanium screw.

The use of Medpor is preferable to the older technique of silicone implants which can slide around. And because they cannot be carved, silicone implants often look like little balls on the tip of the chin or on the cheeks.

Dr. Lucas complements most chin implant procedures with liposuction of the neck area to further sculpt the jaw and neckline.

Chin Repositioning (Genioplasty)

The position and size of your chin has a great impact on your facial appearance. A chin that is too small can make your nose look too big, or your neck appear saggy and old. While chin implants are effective for making horizontal adjustments to your chin, vertical adjustments (for a chin that is too long or too short) are best accomplished through genioplasty, or chin repositioning.

Genioplasty allows the chin’s position to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. It is done by making a small incision in the lower chin, cutting the bone and bringing it forward and up, or down and back, depending on what’s best. A bone graft can be used to lengthen the chin if necessary.

Genioplasty is great for men who wish to have a more masculine-looking jaw or women who wish to improve the appearance of their jaw or neck. Deficiencies in your jaw line can also be addressed with jaw implants inserted through the mouth, resulting in a squarer, more prominent jaw.

Although the results of chin or jaw surgery are dramatic, the beauty of it is that most people will know something is different about the way you look, but they won’t be able to say exactly what it is. In fact, most will assume you have lost weight. It’s a very powerful tool for improving your overall appearance.

If you are interested in learning more about facial skeletal augmentation through genioplasty or chin, cheek, or jaw implants, call today to set up a consultation with Dr. Lucas at The Lucas Center Plastic Surgery in Knoxville, TN.