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Facelift / Necklift in Knoxville TN

Does the face you see in the mirror accurately reflect how young you feel inside? If you’re unhappy with the signs of aging in your face, cheeks, jaw, and neck, a facelift in Knoxville with a necklift can help restore a more youthful appearance.

Three things contribute to the aging of the face and neck over time: gravity, thinning of facial fat, and weathering of the skin from sun, smoking, and the elements. Together, these forces cause the skin and fat to droop, and the cheeks to appear hollow. The overall effect is a face and neck that belie your inner youth.

A facelift in Knoxville can dramatically improve how you look and feel. When done properly, a good facelift will last for about 10 years.

Board certified plastic surgeon in Knoxville TN Jay H. Lucas, M.D. takes a comprehensive approach to all facelift surgery, addressing three layers of the face and neck – skin, fat, and deeper tissue – to ensure you look your very best, for as long as possible.

We have all seen celebrities whose faces look pulled tight and over-operated. That is not the goal of a facelift at The Lucas Center for Plastic Surgery located in Knoxvile TN. Our goal is to give you a refreshed, natural look – keeping you looking like you, only younger.

We start with the skin. If your skin is particularly damaged or weathered, Dr. Lucas may recommend a pre-surgical chemical peel and/or home care regimen, guided by our esthetician. After all, doing a facelift on worn, weathered skin won’t give you the results you desire. Once your skin is in optimal condition, you will be ready for your facelift procedure.

The purpose of a facelift is to reposition loose, hanging skin in the cheek, jaw, and neck area. But superior results are obtained only when volume is also restored to those areas of the face which have lost it. Dr. Lucas achieves this through fat grafting. Often, he will also recommend fat grafting to restore volume to your upper lip.

Below the skin and fat lies deeper tissue. Knoxville facelift surgeon Dr. Lucas will extend the life of your facelift by stabilizing this underlying tissue during your procedure.

An aging face is typically accompanied by an aging neck. Only surgery can truly restore your neck to its more youthful appearance. That’s why a neck lift is part of almost every facelift performed at The Lucas Center. Dr. Lucas removes excess skin and fat, and sculpts the outer neck muscle to give you the crisp jaw line of your younger days.

Everyone ages differently, and everyone has different goals when it comes to rejuvenating their face. If a younger looking face and neck is something that interests you via facelift surgery, call to schedule a consultation in Knoxville TN with Dr. Lucas right away. His thorough examination and explanation of your options will help you see how he can revitalize your face and neck, shedding years from how you look and feel.

Facelift Consultation

Consider a facelift in Knoxville TN with board certified plastic surgeon Dr Jay Lucas.