Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Survivors & Bariatric Surgery Patients: Start Feeling More Confident in Your Body Today

If you’re a breast cancer survivor or bariatric surgery patient, then you probably know how it feels to battle with your own body. At The Lucas Center, we never want you to feel alone after such a deeply personal, yet intrusive event in your life. We’re here for you every step of the way, and we want to help get you back to feeling your best.

You’ve been through a battle. Now, let’s win the war.

Even after beating breast cancer or making the decision to get bariatric surgery, you may still feel that your body has let you down in a way. Thanks to the heavy amount of media we see every day (as well as several other factors), men and women of all ages and body types have been more self-critical than ever.

Confidence is plummeting at an alarming rate and, while we care about all of our patients equally, we especially hate seeing our resilient breast cancer survivors and bariatric surgery patients feel down about their body during this new chapter in their life.

You deserve to be proud of your body. You deserve to walk outside every morning feeling and looking like a million bucks! And we have the services you need to help get you there.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Saying breast cancer is tough would be an understatement. But we know that the key to feeling truly good again is CONFIDENCE.

A cancer diagnosis can lead to difficult decisions about your health and body, meaning you’ve probably discussed several treatment options with your surgeon and/or medical oncologist. If a mastectomy is the right choice for you, know that Breast Reconstruction isn’t more than just an opportunity to restore your natural appearance… it’s an opportunity to enhance your overall look by choosing the perfect shape and size for you.

Maybe you always secretly wanted larger or smaller breasts. Maybe you want your breasts to sit a little bit higher or closer together. Now’s your chance. Seize this opportunity by booking a personalized consultation and getting the answers you need.

Post-Bariatric Body Contouring & Breast Rejuvenation

After rigorous dieting, exercising, or bariatric surgery, it can be easy to get down on yourself or end up feeling defeated. You’ve put in all this time and hard work on your body, but the weight loss may have left you with sagging or excess skin around the breasts, abdomen, arms, flanks, or medial and lateral thighs.

Plateauing in your weight loss and feeling underwhelmed with your results is natural but should be temporary in your overall journey to better health and improved confidence. People typically reach this plateau around 12-15 months after starting their journey, which is the best time to visit a plastic surgeon like Dr. Lucas.

Post-Bariatric Body Contouring or Breast Rejuvenation may be right for you if you have:

  • Sagging or droopy breasts
  • Stretched or inelastic skin (hanging off the arms, belly, flanks, or thighs)
  • Thin, weakened tissue
  • Loss of volume
  • Other effects caused by gravity

How can you be sure this service is right for you? By scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Visualize Your Results with VECTRA 3D Images

Not quite ready to book? That’s okay! We want you to be 100% sure before the big day, which starts and ends with setting the right expectations and goals for YOU.

At The Lucas Center, we’re here to show you the person you’ve always wanted to be. Our personalized consultation time and comprehensive health exam were designed to help you and Dr. Lucas create the exact look you desire. But still, it can feel scary embracing the unknown…

Cue the VECTRA 3D Imaging System. We acquired VECTRA’s advanced technology with our patients in mind. To ease the uncertainty and help you better visualize your desired results, this unique system takes high-resolution, three-dimensional photos of the area you wish to enhance from multiple angles. This provides patients with a realistic representation of their results before surgery ever even takes place.

From start to finish, the imaging process takes only a few minutes, but results are available almost immediately and help patients visualize their best end-result with personalized 3D images.

Don’t wait any longer to start loving yourself again. Feel more confident than ever with a body-enhancing, confidence-creating service (or two) at The Lucas Center.

Call (865) 218-6210(865) or email us at to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lucas and our VECTRA 3D Imaging System today.

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