August 7, 2019

Between 2014-2018, Dr. Lucas often used textured implants for his aesthetic and reconstructive cases to help keep shaped devices from rotating, improve retention, and prevent implants from migrating laterally and inferiorly. For the last seven years, Dr. Lucas has continually reviewed data from MD Anderson Cancer Survival Center and various other field experts to determine risk-benefit ratios for his patients. With new data presented at The Atlanta Breast Meeting in January 2019, it has become evident that new implant-associated Atypical Large Cell Lymphoma cases continue to emerge.

The FDA has since come out with new warnings and a voluntary recall for Allergan textured implants. However, long before this, Dr. Lucas had shifted away from the use of these textured implants. For our patients who received textured implants during the aforementioned 4-year time frame, Dr. Lucas is recommending the following: 1) annual follow-ups with Dr. Lucas at no expense for his aesthetic patients and continued annual follow-ups for reconstructive patients covered under insurance and 2) self-examination by patients to look for signs of enlarged breasts. Should that occur, please contact The Lucas Center immediately.

Neither the FDA or American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) recommend prophylactic removal of these devices at this time. Risks associated with any surgical procedure outweigh the risk of the development of this very rare type of Lymphoma. If other complications should occur, such as capsular contracture, rupture, or age-related changes to the aesthetics of the breast, please call us at (865) 218-6210 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lucas to discuss your options.

At The Lucas Center, our ultimate goal is to safely and successfully create confidence by enhancing each patient’s natural appearance. Dr. Lucas still feels that many of the excellent results achieved between 2014-2018 using textured implants would not have been as successful with different devices. Moving forward, he and the rest of The Lucas Center team will continue to prioritize patient safety while delivering the highest quality results.

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