Post-Bariatric Body Contouring

After rigorous dieting, exercising, or bariatric surgery, many people are left feeling more defeated than ever. Massive weight loss causes the body to lose volume at an accelerated rate, leading to an excess of sagging skin. Naturally, this can be extremely disappointing after spending a great deal of time and effort on self-improvement.

At The Lucas Center, we understand the frustrations that come with maintaining a healthy figure. Losing weight may have been the first step, but it’s not always the only step. Plateauing in your weightloss journey and feeling underwhelmed with your results is natural. This typically happens around 12-15 months after starting your journey and is the best time to visit us.

We believe you should be rewarded for your weight loss, not penalized by sagging skin. Our personalized consultation time, comprehensive health exam, and VECTRA 3D Imaging System will help Dr. Lucas create your desired look and leave you feeling confident in your decision AND your body. Let’s cross this finish line together.

Post-Bariatric BODY Rejuvenation Addresses:
  • Saggy, excess skin
  • Stretched or inelastic tissue
  • Thin, weakened tissue
  • Loss of volume
  • Other effects of gravity
Dr. Lucas always recommends services based on the techniques that are best for YOUR body.

In order to create the results you want, he may suggest additional services (such as fat grafting or a touch of liposuction), or even steer you away from a service that isn’t best for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel— about your results and about yourself. Dr. Lucas understands that, and he’s ready to help bring your dream body to life when you are.

Before & After

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