Eyebrow Lift

A rejuvenating brow lift can be great for creating a more energized, youthful appearance by smoothing and lifting the forehead and brow region.

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Has your face taken on a perpetually worried or tired look due to creasing and sagging in your brow? Does the skin around your eyes seem to droop, making you appear tired and older?

Most often performed with an upper eyelid lift, this procedure helps improve the sagging skin of the central and lateral brow tissue that hangs over the upper eyelid. When restored to an ideal position, it leads to a wider opening of the eye and a more vibrant, rested appearance.

Subtle changes to this area is often all it takes to make a big difference. Our endoscopic technique is minimally-invasive and produces the best possible results for anyone experiencing loose skin around the forehead and brow area.

Steps in This Procedure
  • Five small incisions are made in your hairline
  • Endoscopic technology releases and repositions the skin on your forehead
  • Enjoy a smoother, more youthful appearance with minimal, hidden scarring

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