VECTRA 3D Imaging

This advanced technology helps our rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and breast augmentation patients feel more confident by letting them preview their results during consultation.

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The VECTRA 3D Imaging System allows rhinoplasty (nose job), chin augmentation, and breast augmentation/lift patients to visualize their results long before any procedure takes place. No more worrying about how you'll look or if a procedure is right for you... With the help of this technology and our customized care, you’ll be confident in your decision from the beginning.

Your VECTRA 3D experience begins with a photo session in our office and serves as the starting point in your personalized consultation. Using simulation software to produce 3D images from multiple angles, our team at The Lucas Center can help you trade uncertainty for confidence! Once you decide on your desired results, the simulation will serve as the base for your surgical plan—and because you’ve already seen the result, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you made the right decision for YOU.


Dr. Lucas and his team have been using the VECTRA 3D Imaging System to help patients visualize their best self since 2013. The high resolution system takes three-dimensional photographs of the area you're planning to enhance, providing select patients with a realistic representation of their post-procedure results.

From start to finish, the imaging process takes only a few minutes and produces results right away. We can run multiple simulations and overlay translucent before and after photos in order to help guide you toward the best outcome for you. This technology is available for patients considering a rhinoplasty (nose surgery), genioplasty (chin augmentation surgery), or a breast augmentation and lift.


How close will the simulated result be to the actual result?

The simulation is used to provide patients with a realistic vision of their desired outcome. You can expect simulated results that are extremely similar to your real post-procedure results.

If breast or chin implants are needed, will I be able to see multiple options?

Yes. You will be able to see how you would look with different sizes and types of implants. You’ll also be able to see the possible benefits of other shaping techniques in conjunction with the implants.

Will the software show if my breasts are different sizes?

VECTRA 3D software includes special tools to show the size and position of each breast. Breast “asymmetry” is very common, and analysis of the photo rendition helps us develop a surgical plan which will compensate for it if necessary.

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

That is a decision you will make with the help of Dr. Lucas. While VECTRA 3D can show you the possibilities of a procedure, it is not intended as a substitute for a personalized medical consultation.

How much will my cosmetic surgery cost?

Cost of surgery depends on many factors, including the type of procedure you choose and where it is performed. In your personalized consultation, you will have the opportunity to sit down with a trusted member of our team to discuss cost and possible payment options.

Can you show me where the scars will be?

Because every body is unique, Dr. Lucas will discuss the possibility of scarring or any other effects during your initial consultation with us.


VECTRA 3D Simulation Technology

VECTRA 3D simulation technology used by The Lucas Center was developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, a division of Canfield Scientific, the leading provider of clinical imaging systems. Canfield specializes in photographic applications for aesthetic medicine, and their products are used in patient consultations by thousands of practitioners worldwide.

The VECTRA 3D Camera

The VECTRA 3D camera captures a three dimensional photograph of the subject. Using multiple cameras, it takes a number of pictures simultaneously from several different points of view. This is used to build a three-dimensional virtual model of the subject.

Sculptor 3D Software

The three-dimensional photograph is processed by Sculptor software (VECTRA 3D) to display the virtual model on a computer monitor. It can be rotated on the screen and viewed from almost any angle. The software then allows us to apply simulation tools that change the size, shape, and position of your tissue to achieve the desired appearance. Once you are satisfied with the result, Dr. Lucas will develop a surgical plan based on the changes you have made.

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