Buttock Lift

If you’ve spent a lot of time exercising but it hasn’t produced the results you’re looking for, the next step may be to consider a buttock lift.

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Today’s society all but demands for round, plump derrieres. Between the media and the growing popularity of countless beauty and fitness influencers, many men and women are feeling more ashamed and embarrassed about their bodies than ever. We’re here to fix that.

Shaping and/or adding volume to the buttock is a great way to enhance your entire figure. In many cases, a fuller bottom helps create an hourglass-like figure, especially when combined with fat grafting (the transfer of fat from one area of the body to another through liposuction).

A buttock lift is a technique used to restore proportion between the flanks, abdomen, and thighs, creating the well known “hourglass” figure people have come to know and love. This transformative surgery can often correct the dip between the top of the hip bone and the lateral thigh, which can concave instead of contour due to a variety of factors.

Over the years, this 3-4 hour surgery has gotten a bad reputation because fat grafting in the wrong position can cause medical problems. The key to a successful buttock lift is understanding the anatomy and having extensive hands-on experience with the cannulas used to perform the procedure. That’s Dr. Lucas.

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