Bariatric Body Contouring

We believe you should be rewarded for your weight loss, not penalized by sagging skin. Let’s cross this finish line together.

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After rigorous dieting, exercising, or bariatric surgery, many people are left feeling more defeated than ever. Massive weight loss causes the body to lose volume at an accelerated rate, leading to an excess of sagging skin. Naturally, this can be extremely disappointing after spending a great deal of time and effort on self-improvement.

At The Lucas Center, we understand the importance of tailoring a plan to each individual, which is why, during your very first consultation, Dr. Lucas takes the time to create a personalized plan and timeline based on your health and body goals.

With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Lucas’ is able to help bariatric surgery patients maintain a healthy, confident body image by addressing the abdomen alone with a tummy tuck, or in combination with a lower body lift. After this procedure, excess breast tissues or skin can be addressed next on women (with a breast augmentation) and men (with gynecomastia reshaping), followed by the arms and thighs if the patient is a suitable candidate.

Post-Bariatric Body Rejuvenation Addresses:
  • Saggy, excess skin
  • Stretched or inelastic tissue
  • Thin, weakened tissue
  • Loss of volume
  • Other effects of gravity

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