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Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer is an emotional experience for most women. Your cancer surgeon or medical oncologist has probably given you several options for treatment, but you may have trouble deciding what’s best for you.

Before you make any decisions, we hope you will consider a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Jay H. Lucas, M.D. at the Lucas Center Plastic Surgery in Knoxville, TN.

The Lucas Center Plastic Surgery is a comprehensive breast center, offering the latest and most effective techniques which yield superior results in breast reconstruction following mastectomy – either bilateral or unilateral. Whether your treatment required a mastectomy or you have chosen to have both breasts removed in order to reduce your future risk of breast cancer, our goal is the same: to help you begin the emotional journey toward feeling whole again by giving you new breast(s) that look and feel natural.

There are several options for creating symmetrical breasts of the volume and shape you desire.

One option – and most often the superior choice – is implant-based reconstruction. Being an early adopter of silicone gel implants, Dr. Lucas has had tremendous success using them in postmastectomy reconstructions. Since the introduction of the fifth-generation silicone gel implants (otherwise known as gummy bear implants), which are textured and shaped to look and feel more like natural breast tissue, Dr. Lucas has been incorporating these implants in reconstruction surgeries, with outstanding results.

In implant-based reconstruction, tissue expansion is usually required to shape the skin and muscle to accommodate the implant. However, if you have had a prophylactic mastectomy in which nipple-sparing techniques were used, your implant reconstruction may be done without expanders.

A second option for reconstruction is to use your own tissue to create a new breast or breasts. Known as autologous reconstruction, this involves taking fat and skin from another region of your body – such as part of your abdomen or a muscle from your back – to create a breast(s). This process requires a longer, more complex surgery and a longer recovery time, but can yield very natural-looking results. Oftentimes autologous reconstruction is recommended when radiation therapy is required for your cancer treatment.

If you underwent a unilateral mastectomy (removal of one breast), Dr. Lucas will employ a variety of techniques to ensure your natural breast is symmetric to the reconstructed side.

Whether your reconstruction is accomplished through the use of implants or by relocating fat tissue from elsewhere in your body, Dr. Lucas will perfect the look and feel of your new breasts by using an advanced technique known as fat grafting.

There have been many scientific advancements in the use of fat grafting, and this evolving, cutting-edge technique will yield suppler, more natural-looking breasts. Dr. Lucas has extensive experience using Alloderm (acellular dermal matrix graft) as a soft tissue reinforcement or replacement,to aid in the insertion and long-term support of implants as well as to complement autologous reconstruction.

Having worked with Alloderm since 2004, Dr. Lucas is recognized within the medical community for his skill and proficiency, and is often recommended by oncologists when their patients need reconstruction or revision surgery.

A consultation with Dr. Lucas is the first step on your journey towards recovery. Along with our compassionate and caring staff, The Lucas Center for Plastic Surgery will provide you with the education, experience, and emotional support to help you feel whole again.

To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Lucas, call The Lucas Center Plastic Surgery at (865) 218-6210.