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If the face you see in the mirror doesn’t reflect how you feel inside, it may be time to consider a rejuvenating lift.

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At The Lucas Center, we want you to feel good about what you see when you look in the mirror. When done right, a face lift can shed years off your age by giving you a visibly younger, more refreshed appearance.

Our goal for any face and neck lift is to help you look and feel more refreshed without completely changing your appearance. We create real, natural-looking results by repositioning loose, hanging skin in the cheek, jaw, and neck areas. We’ll then use a technique called fat grafting to restore volume in the central face that has led to physical signs of aging over time. This technique ensures you look and feel your best for as long as possible after the procedure.

Common Causes of Face Aging
  • Gravity (skin thins and begins to sag)
  • Genetically-Related Fat Loss Over Time
  • Environmental Influences (sunlight, pollution, etc.)
  • Exposure to Smoke/Smoking
  • High Amounts of Stress
  • Exaggerated Facial Expressions

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