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Breast Revision

So you’ve had breast surgery somewhere else in the past, but you’re unhappy with the results. Maybe your breasts are uneven or the wrong shape and size altogether. Or maybe they are uncomfortable, or the lift you had a few years back has started to sag again.

Now what? Where should you turn?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Jay H. Lucas, M.D., is the go-to physician in Knoxville when it comes to revising prior breast surgeries.

Dr. Lucas has successfully performed breast revision surgery for women looking to correct a disappointing outcome from a prior surgery including:

  • Aesthetic breast enhancement –making your breasts look better
  • Breast implant repositioning – correcting implants that have shifted or were malpositioned
  • Breast lift – lifting breasts which have sagged again following a prior lift procedure
  • Breast reconstruction – redoing breast reconstruction for cancer survivors who are not happy with the look and/or feel of their new breasts

There are many specific reasons you may be considering breast revision surgery. Have your implants drifted? Were they the wrong size to begin with(too big) and now your skin has stretched and no longer holds its shape? Were your original implants malpositioned and don’t look right? Are you experiencing tightness, hardness, or discomfort in your breasts? Has the passage of time thinned your tissue and changed your breasts’ appearance?

Whatever your reason, Dr. Lucas will spend time understanding your unique situation. He will perform a comprehensive three-dimensional tissue analysis of your breasts and discuss all of your options with you before suggesting a specific treatment.

Oftentimes, he will recommend fifth generation silicone gel implants (also known as gummy bear implants) for revision surgery because they are textured and shaped and have a more natural appearance.They also tend to hold their position better than smooth implants.

In most revisions, he also utilizes fat grafting, a highly effective tool used to improve the appearance and feel of breast implants. Fat grafting enhances and rejuvenates your tissue, providing the necessary coverage that produces the superior results you’re looking for.

Dr. Lucas has had great success using both Alloderm (acellular dermal matrix graft) and SERI (also known as SERIScaffold) to adjust, reinforce, and support implants during breast revision surgery.

By its nature, breast revision surgery is more complex and requires more analysis and planning than a first-time surgery. Dr. Lucas will take an organized and thoughtful approach to your surgery, utilizing best practices and principles. His overall goal is to improve your results and make you happy, while protecting your health and well-being.

If you think you would benefit from breast revision surgery by one of Knoxville’s most renowned plastic surgeons, please call our office to schedule your consultation.