State of the art lipo-abdominoplasty

Many women, after childbearing or significant weight loss, find themselves less than satisfied with their abdominal contour. They may have joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, engaged in cross-fit or boot camp and despite all the blood, sweat and tears still have sagging skin and loose abdominal tissue resulting in bulging of the tummy area. Often the flank areas “muffin top” and the mons pubis and perineum (or genital area) can also cause issues that detract from a sleek look with current athletic leisure wear. Fortunately, board certified plastic surgeons who remain engaged and committed to the continuous evolution of our craft have good options to improve the contour of the abdomen and surrounding areas.

Abdominoplasties have been around for many decades but refinements in techniques have led to better aesthetic outcomes:

  1. Liposuction of the epigastrium (upper central region of abdomen): reduces the skin thickness and can lead to a less bulky appearance when combined with tissue resection of excess loose skin.
  2. Resection of the upper abdominal skin flap sub-fascial fat plan: which can reduce the metabolic load of the flap by eliminating the poorly vascularized fat plain while diminishing the overall thickness of the skin.
  3. Discontinuous undermining of the abdominal skin flap off the costal (rib) margin: to allow further inferior repositioning of the skin flap to lower the final incisional scar to hide better in undergarments and or bathing suits.
  4. Progressive tension suture plication technique of the upper abdominal skin flap: to aide in the obliteration of dead space to reduce and or eliminates the amount of time that drains are necessary and to further sculpt the underlying abdominal shape.
  5. Fascial plication of the inferior edge of the upper skin flap to the lower abdominal wall to prevent scar migration superiorly.
  6. Resuspension, lipocontouring, and reshaping of the mons pubis to provide a sleeker appearance in leggings and yoga pants.
  7. A vertical narrow appearing belly button.
  8. Contouring the flanks with liposuction simultaneously with the abdominoplasty for more circumferential rejuvenation.


Just as fashion changes occur so must the plastic surgeon respond to effectively provide aesthetic outcomes that provide body contours that complement the new overlying clothing. The above-mentioned refinements can produce superior results compared to traditional abdominoplasties. If you would like to initiate a consult to see if you are a candidate for abdominoplasty please contact The Lucas Center, Plastic Surgery in Knoxville TN at, or 865-218-6210.

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