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5 Doctor-Recommend Skincare Practices You Need to Know About

Skincare! We can’t emphasize how important it is enough. As professionals in the beauty industry, we see too many women and men come to us to repair their damaged skin when, the truth is, preventive skincare could save them a whole bunch of time, money, and stress.

These days, cosmetic services like BOTOX, microneedling, and chemical peels are all the rage… and they should be! These services, and many like them, work wonders why performed by a licensed aesthetician or doctor. But did you know that these services aren’t just corrective? They actually create the best, longest-lasting results when used preventively.

Similarly, at-home skincare routines are most effective when utilized ahead of time. We can speak from experience when we say that it’s much easier to feel confident in our skin when it’s clear, bright, and evenly-textured.

With summer (and harsh sunlight) quickly approaching, we can’t help but have good skincare practices on our minds. From our team to you, here are 5 must-know skincare tips recommended by Dr. Lucas himself.

1. Use sunscreen, and make sure it’s the right sunscreen.

It’s that time of year! During the summer season, sunscreen is arguably the most important skincare products in your regime— but make sure you’re choosing the best type for your skin. Dr. Lucas, along with the American Cancer Society, recommends using a product with “broad spectrum protection,” meaning not only will you be protected from sunburn and skin cancer-causing UVB rays, but you’ll also be protected from dangerous UVA rays.

If possible, choosing a sunscreen that also includes antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, is ideal. These common ingredients can help reduce the sun’s effect on skin cells and minimize pesky premature aging. Regardless of whether you go for an antioxidant sunscreen or not, Dr. Lucas recommends an SPF of at least 30. Additionally, it’s important to remember to reapply your sunscreen (yes, even the water-resistant kind) after getting wet. Every 2 hours or so is a good rule of thumb.

2. Soothe damaged skin.

If you slip up (it happens!) and neglect sunscreen, or simply spend too much time outside, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, take steps to soothe your sunburned skin. Products like Aloe Vera aren’t just meant to relieve pain, they’re also specially-formulated to help damaged skin heal from harsh sunlight.

If you’re interested in experimenting with other skin-repairing products, Dr. Lucas recommends products from skincare lines, SkinMedica and EltaMD (link to skincare shop). Both are widely-recognized among the beauty industry and formulated with quality ingredients.

3. Start (or keep on) moisturizing.

If you’re already moisturizing your skin regularly, summer is NOT the time to let it slip! As the weather dries out, keeping moisturized is crucial. If you not currently using a moisturizer in your skincare routine, then summer’s the perfect time to start! Even when you’re tucked away inside, enjoying the refreshing air conditioning, your skin is in danger of drying out.

Dry skin causes a whole slew of skincare problems, from wrinkles and fine lines to flaky or itchy skin. To nip that damage in the bud, Dr. Lucas recommends using a moisturizer at least 2-3 times per day. And hey, double win if you find one with SPF in it!

4. Simplify your skincare routine.

Ever heard the expression, “less is more”? It’s a saying that definitely applies in the beauty industry (though people sometimes forget it). If you’re having trouble keeping up with the many steps in your skincare routine, it may be time to simplify. One or two products (especially awesome combination products like moisturizers with built-in SPF) is often all you need to maintain an effective skincare routine and keep your skin looking clear and feeling healthy.

Focus on products that have ingredients like antioxidants, retinol, SPF, and alpha/beta-hydroxyl acids. These products should be the “backbone” of your skincare routine and can be all that’s needed for men and women without underlying skin conditions.

5. Get enough rest. Seriously!

Summer is a busy season, and it can take a major toll on your skin. Even with a busy schedule, it’s important to remember not to neglect your skincare routine— which includes getting a good night’s sleep!

While you sleep, new collagen forms and helps to prevent sagging skin. Ever wonder why those puffy bags under your eyes look so much worse in the morning after a long night of tossing and turning? Not getting enough rest the night before is a sure-fire way to feel frustrated with your skin in the morning. Love that healthy glow on a good skin day? Dr. Lucas recommends between 7-9 hours of sleep per night if you’re “going for the glow.”

Want to learn more about effective skincare?

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