Improving Male Physique with Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Over the years, cosmetic and plastic surgery services have been thought of as a predominantly female-oriented. The media and certain stigmas it portrays have played a large role in the belief that men shouldn’t need to improve their bodies with surgery.

Like women, men are also impacted by their appearance on a daily basis, and some may desire to better themselves physically as a result. The belief that when you look good, you feel good applies to people from all walks of life— just as the effects of aging, sun damage, weight gain or loss, and stress affect people from all walks of life in similar ways.

Yet, men are often led to believe that diet and exercise is the only solution for physical improvement. And while both are extremely important to your overall health, neither are a viable option for removing excess hanging or loose skin on your body.

Luckily, Dr. Lucas and his team at The Lucas Center offer multiple commonly sought-after surgical options aimed at doing just that. Below are today’s top three plastic surgery options for improving male physique…


According to a recent study by Verywell Health, liposuction is currently one of the most popular procedures for men.

Over the years, liposuction has evolved into a highly desirable method of body sculpting. Men of all ages and sizes use it as a non-invasive way to eliminate unwanted fat and create the body that’s right for them.

There are many reasons to consider liposuction. Maybe you’re getting close to your ideal body weight, but have stubborn, excess fat in certain areas that you’d like to get rid of. Maybe you’d like to see more volume in another area. Maybe you’re looking to further enhance the results of another procedure or consistent workouts at the gym.

Whatever your reason, we understand that sometimes, no matter how hard you diet or exercise, you just need a little help.

Dr. Lucas’s uses refined, advanced techniques, such as PAL (Power Assisted Lipocontouring) to help his male patients create a natural-looking result with little to no downtime. This technique utilizes an additional energy source with an oscillating hand piece to introduce small vibrations and allow for the release of fibrous tissues within the underlying fat below the skin.

In other words, it makes it easier for Dr. Lucas to smoothly remove your excess fat and even re-distribute it elsewhere as needed for a precise, proportional result. Perfect for smoothing out rolls and tightening skin on the abdomen or flanks for a better appearance in slim-fit clothing!

View Dr. Lucas’s website for examples.

Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction)

If you struggle with an enlarged chest, know that you are not alone. Though it may not always feel like it, it’s a common problem for men of all ages and sizes.

This enlarged region can either be a true gynecomastia, where the majority of the added volume under the areola are glandular in nature, or a pseudo-gynecomastia, which is mainly seen in obese patients with an accumulation of fat on the chest wall. Some men may exhibit both features. A condition Dr. Lucas sees a lot, this problem is easily treatable.

Treatment varies depending largely on your skin. It’s important to note whether you have excess skin that will limit the ability to shrink or redistribute fat. If you have reasonable skin quality, proper compression garment training can even help avoid tissue removal in some cases.

However, a lot of loose hanging skin on the chest typically requires removal. And because most male patients experience true gynecomastia, non-invasive techniques like CoolSculpting can’t provide the same great results.

So, what can you expect post-procedure?

Most men who choose to have this procedure report feeling better about themselves overall. With minimal scarring and downtime, many even question why they waited so long to schedule the procedure in the first place. Just hear what Greg had to say about his results.

With the help of Dr. Lucas and the latest technological advancements, gynecomastia can become a thing of the past and you can get back to looking AND feeling great.

Body Contouring

After rigorous dieting, exercising, or even bariatric surgery, many men are left feeling more defeated than ever. Massive weight loss causes the body to lose volume at an accelerated rate, leading to an excess of sagging skin. Naturally, this can be extremely disappointing after spending a great deal of time and effort on self-improvement.

Plateauing in your weight loss journey is as natural as it is frustrating. This typically happens around 12-15 months after starting to lose weight and is the best time to visit The Lucas Center. Because we believe you should be rewarded for your weight loss, not penalized by sagging skin.

Body Contouring Addresses:

  • Sagging, excess skin
  • Stretched or inelastic tissue
  • Thin, weakened tissue
  • Loss of volume
  • Other effects of gravity

At the end of every day, we want you to look and feel your absolute best. Our personalized consultation time, comprehensive health exam, and VECTRA 3D Imaging System will help Dr. Lucas create your desired look and leave you feeling confident in your body.

Remember, confidence is a chain reaction. As Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.”

Here’s to looking and feeling good at The Lucas Center!

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