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Liposuction for Your Flanks and Posterior Bra-Line (An Interview with Dr. Lucas)

When it comes to educating people on the benefits of cosmetic and plastic surgery, The Lucas Center is all about being as helpful and informative as possible. The unknown can make cosmetic and plastic surgery feel scarier than it is, and we’re here to reassure you that it’s natural to feel a bit uncomfortable towards uncertainty.

Making the right decision for YOUR body starts with understanding your unique goals and desired appearance. To help you decide whether Liposuction around your flanks and posterior bra-line will create the look you want, we asked Dr. Lucas to share his thoughts and knowledge of the procedure.

From the procedure itself to follow-up care and results, this article will give you an inside look at what to expect from this highly transformative surgery…

What are “flanks” and how can Liposuction help improve them?

More commonly-referred to as “love handles,” your flanks are the areas between your rib cage and hip bones.

Dr. Lucas: “Aesthetic contouring of your flanks, posterior bra line, and mid-back can lead to remarkable results. At The Lucas Center, we use Power Assisted Lipocontouring (PAL) to gently create beautiful silhouettes of the back, which is great because it avoids harsh movements that other techniques still use. With PAL, we help women of all ages and body types look slimmer and feel more comfortable in fitted clothing.”

What’s the procedure experience like with PAL?

Dr. Lucas: “This technique utilizes an additional energy source with an oscillating cannula (hand piece) to introduce small vibrations and allow for the release of fibrous tissues within the underlying fat below the skin.

The back and sides of the body are widely-known for producing folds or rolls, and PAL gives surgeons like myself the ability to meticulously free the fat cells of the fibrous network. The device moves around easily and extracts the cells evenly to create an overall smoother contour and rejuvenated figure.”

For those who aren’t as familiar with PAL firsthand, you can think of it as smoothing out the sheets on your bed. PAL makes it easier to smoothly remove excess fat and re-distribute it elsewhere as needed for a precise, proportional result.

Are there additional services you’d recommend with this procedure?

According to Dr. Lucas and his team, Liposuction around your flanks and posterior bra-line can be combined with abdominal rejuvenation (such as a tummy tuck) or lipo-contouring alone to produce circumferential shaping. In layman’s terms, that means this procedure is best for targeting the mid-region of your body and creating a figure you can be confident in long-term.

Dr. Lucas: “During every Tummy Tuck consultation, I always inquire if the person is happy with the appearance of their backside. The number of people who are interested in eliminating the muffin top at the same time would probably surprise you. Even if it’s not something they intentionally came in for, women of all shapes often hate the dreaded bra-line roll on the back and are happy to know something can be done to correct it.”

After deciding to move forward, what’s the process like at The Lucas Center?

Dr. Lucas: “If someone decides to pursue this option during their personalized consultation, they can proceed with outpatient surgery. Afterwards, a compression garment is worn for six weeks to allow the skin to re-drape and re-distribute. The majority of the results take between 6-12 weeks to set in, but the patient will typically see improvement within the first week.”

What about follow-up care?

For this procedure, Dr. Lucas and his team require patients to come back in by appointment one week after their surgery. After that, another “check in” follow up is needed approximately one month later, and then you’re done! Though many people assume cosmetic and plastic surgery is a long process, procedures like Liposuction can positively transform your appearance in a short period of time.

Choosing The Lucas Center for Liposuction

After nearly 20 years in business, Dr. Lucas has built a regional reputation in the industry for his commitment to creating confidence. With meticulous attention to detail and an inherent love for perfecting the human body, him and the rest of the staff at The Lucas Center are here to ensure optimal results— no matter the procedure.

Dr. Lucas: “I always tell patients to remember this: plastic surgery is NOT magic. It is a discipline of medicine that inspires surgeons and patients to think three-dimensionally and work together on achieving desired results. To do your body justice, please choose a surgeon that has demonstrated skill with the procedure, has a knack for design and precise mathematical measurement, and is highly-knowledgeable of the human anatomy. Feeling confident in your surgeon and your decision is the first step to feeling confident in your enhanced appearance.”

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