The Benefits of Body Contouring Before Summer

We’re nearing the end of Spring, which means Summer is just around the corner. For some, outdoor activities and summer wardrobes can create anxiety about wearing clothing which may reveal unwanted contours of the abdomen, back, breasts, and sides (aka bra rolls).

If any of these concerns ring true for you, you might be wondering what you can do to improve your self-image and self-confidence. Here are some options that board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Lucas, can offer during your next visit to The Lucas Center in West Knoxville.

The First Step: Your Personalized Consultation

The first step is to schedule a personalized, hour-long consultation with Dr. Lucas and his team. During this consult, you’ll share your desired goals, go over any pertinent medical history, and receive a detailed examination of the areas of concern, as well as contiguous areas that may impact your overall results.

It’s important to note that Dr. Lucas is not a “one size fits all” treatment planner. He’s here to create individualized surgical plans that maximize your results, so that you can feel better about your body than ever before. By examining your tissues and aesthetically-analyzing your problem areas and overall shape, Dr. Lucas creates self-confidence that lasts.

Common Problem Areas & Concerns

So, what are some commonly-requested problem areas you can target prior to the start of the summer season?

The Stomach:

For women, the number one concern (especially after having children) is the stomach region. If you’ve noticed your stomach no longer has a fit, sleek shape to it, know that it happens and can be corrected with plastic surgery.

Many people have lower abdominal bulges that are not necessarily due to increased fat content, but the weakening of core abdominal muscles instead. These muscles become displaced, moving away from the midline and allowing the abdomen to bulge forward. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise can put these muscles back together, meaning the bulge is likely there to stay unless you commit to constantly “sucking in.” With body contouring, however, this is something that can be easily corrected.

The Pubis:

Another commonly-requested area of concern after childbearing is stretch marks and loose hanging skin—often resulting in a roll of skin overlying the pubis. Unfortunately, this is another thing that exercise cannot correct.

Fortunately, a well-planned and precisely-executed lipo-abdominoplasty can completely restore and rejuvenate the loose abdominal wall and excess skin around the pubis area. Through surgery, we’re able to remove the excess skin and “hide” the scar within your underwear or bathing suit area. Overall, lipo-contouring can provide a level of finesse to your overall body shape that will leave you feeling ready to take on the summer season with confidence.

In terms of recovery, plan for two weeks of downtime before returning to work and six weeks before you’ll feel fully-restored. While this procedure is considered a big operation, the results are well worth the effort.

Most women who come in for a liposuction consultation are misinformed and believe this alone will correct their lower abdominal bulge. However, if they also have loose-hanging skin, an abdominoplasty is best to correct the complete problem and get the best outcome. For any procedure, the key to achieving superior results is making the correct diagnosis and developing the right treatment plan for you.

The Back & Bra Rolls:
When it comes to a summer wardrobe, another troubling area of concern for women can be their back, which includes the posterior bra rolls, the mid-back, and the lower flanks (sometimes referred to as the “muffin top”).

These concerning areas are created with excess fat contour, coupled with rolls that are formed from fixed ligaments spanning from the chest wall to just under the surface of the skin. At The Lucas Center, a specialized type of liposuction (called Power-Assisted Liposuction) can be used to create exceptional results. Using an added energy source powered by an oscillating hand piece, Dr. Lucas can break up these fixed ligaments and extract fat, freeing the tissue to re-drape (i.e. redistribute) to the newly-formed underlying contour.

Perfect for summer weather prep, this procedure will soften any rolls and create a much thinner waist-line that looks great with tighter fitting fashions, such as leggings and exercise tops. If you’re an appropriate candidate (based on your health and body mass index), this specialized liposuction can be combined with an abdominoplasty to provide 360-degree rejuvenation of your torso. In other words, this can be a powerful combination!

The Breasts:

Finally, breasts are always a popular area of concern for women. So much so, that it deserves its own article. As summer approaches, keep an eye out for more information on the many benefits of breast augmentations, lifts (with or without implants), and reductions.

In the meantime, don’t be held back by insecurities. Summer is almost here and there are sure to be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather in East Tennessee! Schedule your procedure this month and it’s extremely likely you’ll be ready for the pool or beach by June.

If you’re not quite ready to schedule, or if you have questions about your body or a specific procedure, contact The Lucas Center at (865) 218-6210 to set up a personalized consultation. We can’t wait to help you achieve your body goals!

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