5 Tips for Caring for Someone After Surgery

It can be hard to determine how to best care for a loved one after they have a surgery, especially if it’s your first experience in a “caregiver” role. As part of their support system, you want them to feel comfortable, healthy, and confident as often as possible. So do we!

There’s so much you can do to help in this situation, but you’re not in it alone. Check out these easy, practical tips for caring for someone after a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure:

1. Make a schedule (and stick to it!)
This will help you help them. Getting up and moving around, resting, taking medications at certain times (with or without food)… It can be a lot to remember. Juggling everything can start to feel overwhelming, which is why making a schedule is key.Working with Dr. Lucas and our staff to write down exactly what you need to remember will save you a ton of stress later (and possibly even prevent some mishaps during the recovery process).

2. Prepare for “double duty”
The person you’re caring for will not be able to do their typical day-to-day duties, at least for a few days (exact time frame depends on the type of procedure). Be prepared to take on a few extra responsibilities while they recover. If they’re usually the one to make dinner or take the trash out, that can be a good place to fill in. Taking the “little things” off of their plate is a great way to show you care and ease their recovery process.

3. Be a good distraction
Recovery is rarely fun. Be present with your loved one, let them know you’re around to help them when they need it, and just try to keep them company when you can! Spending time together during recovery may not sound exciting, but it’s a great way to support your loved one and a good opportunity to enjoy some down time together.

4. Keep them hydrated and fed
This one is pretty obvious. After a procedure, patients don’t usually feel like getting up and cooking a hot meal. It can be a challenge just to remember to drink enough water, let alone prepare a hot meal. But staying hydrated and well fed is one of the best comforts and healers in the recovery process. Take the opportunity to enjoy a meal together and know just how much they’ll appreciate it!

5. Keep a positive outlook
Being pulled away from a normal routine can be difficult for some of our patients. Having your world turned upside down—even if only for a few days or a couple of weeks—can lead to frustration. Be a voice of optimism and encourage your loved one to be patient as they wait to feel like themselves again.

Pro tip! Everyone has different reasons for getting a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure. If this is something you’ve discussed with your loved one, reminding them why they embarked on this journey in the first place can be a great motivator during a tough recovery period. Just make sure to be positive and sensitive to their feelings!

We’re not just here for our patients—we’re here for you, too. Because we know you play a crucial part in a smooth, successful recovery process.

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