The Importance of Nutrition in Post-Surgery Healing

While there are many lists about how to recover after surgery, many of them revolve heavily around rest and the timing of movement, exercise, and day-to-day tasks. Often overlooked is the importance of nutrition in the healing process. 

Lacking proper nutrition after a surgery can lead to slower recovery, inflammation, and impaired wound strength. Nutrition plays a vital part in healing by strengthening your immune system, increasing your energy levels, creating new blood cells, and more. 

By following a unique nutritional protocol from Dr. Lucas after your surgery, you can speed up your recovery, protect your incision, and put yourself in the best position for quick healing. Here’s where to start in the process…


You must eat protein in order for your body to have the binding material it needs to build and repair tissues like muscle, cartilage, and skin. It aids in the transportation of oxygen throughout your body and fights infection. 


This supplement is essential for keeping inflammation down, which is a significant factor in healing wounds. They also help lower the risk of infection by reducing bacteria development as well as boosting immunity.


Take your vitamins! While they are important to take every day, it’s especially important to include them in your post-op routine, since they speed up the healing of wounds, strengthen bones, and help with blood clotting. Our medical team recommends vitamins A, C, D, E, and K for your recovery.

Carbs & Fats

Essential for energy levels, carbs and fats need to be incorporated into your diet after surgery. Beat the fatigue and give your immune system a head start by adding in foods like beans, fruits, whole grains, olive or coconut oil, seeds, and avocados! 


Don’t let common post-surgery constipation get in the way of thorough rest and recovery. Get ahead of it by stocking up on fibrous foods to munch on like broccoli, edamame, or pears! While you’re at it, avoid processed foods like cheese and sugary treats, which can irritate your digestive system.

Pro tip: Always stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water is critical in ensuring your body is properly nourished post-surgery. Bonus points if you add electrolytes to the water to help your body regulate while recovering!

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