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3 Skincare Myths Debunked

Let’s be honest.. There’s a LOT of skin care content out there these days. There are countless products today that “guarantee” to help your skin and endless advice from people claiming to be skin care experts. It can all make it hard to know who to trust…

The reality is that many skincare products just don’t do what they say they will (or they aren’t nearly as good for you as they market themselves to be). There’s also a fair amount of myths circling the beauty industry regarding skin care. 

We’re here to help you find the truth. Let’s take a quick look at some of the myths circulating in the skincare world right now…

Myth 1: Vitamin E will fade scars.

Debunked: Topical vitamin E oils and serums do help moisturize the skin, but they don’t make scars disappear. There is some evidence that shows vitamin E can help the healing of wounds and make scarring less likely or intense, but after the scars already exist, you’ll have better luck with other skincare or surgical solutions.

Myth 2: Toothpaste will kill a zit.

Debunked: While some toothpastes do contain a few similar ingredients to over the counter acne products, they’re also made up of many other ingredients that belong on your teeth—not your skin. Some of these ingredients can even cause more acne. 

If you’re looking to nix a zit, you’re better off using high-quality products made for the type of acne you’re experiencing. Acne can be caused by so many factors, from your diet and environment to your skin care routine itself. Getting to the root issue is essential to proper, safe, and effective treatment of breakouts.

Myth 3: Consistent moisturizing removes wrinkles.

Debunked: Nope. Wrinkles take more than some hydration to reduce in appearance, especially if they’re deep. But moisturizer does help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t already have a top notch moisturizer, it’s never too late to start incorporating it into your daily routine!

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