3 Tips for a Perfect “Treat Yourself Day” in Knoxville 

Our staff here at The Lucas Center is a mix of native Knoxvillians and newer Knoxvillians who all love our city, its community, and what it has to offer! We also know everyone needs a good “Treat Yourself Day” every once in a while. So, if you’re ready for a fun day of treating yourself in The Scruffy City, we’ve got a few tips for you. 

Treat Yourself at Local Businesses 

Knoxville is full of eclectic and excellent businesses that can contribute to your efforts to treat yourself. You might want to visit places like: 

No matter what corner of Knoxville you’re in, you’ve got great options for treating yourself at worthy local businesses — so not only are you experiencing more of our great town, you’re supporting it too. 

Treat Yourself to the Simple Things 

Regardless of where you are, consider implementing some quiet practices that feed your soul whenever you have time, although they may appear deceptively simple. While these practices are not specific to Knoxville, many of them can be enjoyed outside in our area’s natural beauty, depending on the time of year. 

You might want to treat yourself at the beginning of the day with things like: 

  • Doing a quick guided meditation 
  • Reading a book purely for fun, not for work or school 
  • Pampering your face with an extra-long skincare routine while listening to music Eating your favorite breakfast 
Treat Yourself with Time 

For many of us, the fast pace of a regular day doesn’t allow us to really savor life’s pleasures, such as the simple practices above that can be surprisingly life-giving. 

So for your special day, slow down. Avoid being too scheduled. While you may feel tempted to try to do ALL the things to treat yourself, pick just a few activities or places to focus on for now.

Here are some tips to help you relax and slow your pace: 

  • Sleep late. 
  • Schedule no more than 2 appointments, then let the rest of the day be flexible. Go ahead and mark another date on your calendar for a few months down the road (or a month from now, if you can) to treat yourself again, removing the pressure to do it all this time. Perhaps you can even turn a “Treat Yourself” day into a regular practice! If you have a great view of the Smokies or of the city that you usually don’t notice when life is busy, spend some time enjoying it. Let yourself enjoy the splendor without rushing. 
  • Take a walk without hurry. If you’re a nature lover, choose a trail in Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness or your favorite park. If a bustling atmosphere is more your vibe, spend some time strolling Market Square or Gay Street. 
Treat Yourself with Us 

Finally, consider topping off your special day by visiting us here at The Lucas Center to treat yourself to skincare and more! We’d love to help you enjoy not just one day, but the achievement of real, lasting confidence!

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