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5 Fun Facts About Our RMA, Wendy Manning 

If you’ve been to The Lucas Center recently, chances are you’ve met Wendy Manning, our Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). 

One of the first friendly faces you’ll see around TLC, Wendy has been helping East Tennessee patients feel more confident since she joined the team in 2017

Day to day, you’ll find Wendy assisting Dr. Lucas with exams, in-office surgical procedures, and doing “behind-the-scenes” work, such as scheduling surgeries and updating paperwork. But how well do you know Wendy beyond her current day job? Find out in this quick read! 

Did you know… 
  1. Wendy has been in the medical field for over 20 years. Though she’s a Knoxville native, she also worked in St. Louis for six years. During that time, she worked for an Orthopedic Surgery Group that specializes in sports, specifically NFL and NHL athletes! Her favorite part of this experience was getting to work with the players during their physicals.
  2. Ever wonder what Wendy would do if she wasn’t an RMA? If she could go back in time and had to choose something new, she’d love to explore a career in forensic psychology. Science was one of her favorite subjects in school and she’s fascinated with forensics!
  3. You may be surprised to learn Wendy loves jewelry! But not just any jewelryShe’s obsessed with finding the perfect pair of earrings to go with every outfit. The more unique, the better! 
  4. Something else Wendy loves? Iced mocha coffees! Any chance she gets to snag one from her favorite coffee shop, she will! To her, there’s no better way to start the day.
  5. One of Wendy’s favorite pastimes is re-doing and designing flower beds. She loves all things floral and gardening, which she considers her own personal form of therapy. She’s always dreamt of opening her own boutique flower shop—bonus points if there’s room to sell some of those earrings she loves so much!
Why Plastic Surgery? 

After years of experience in orthopedic and primary care medicine, Wendy ventured into the world of plastic surgery and was immediately intrigued. Today, she shares in Dr. Lucas’ goals to help patients change how they view themselves and create newfound confidence

“Seeing the transformations that our patients make after surgery and watching their confidence grow throughout the entire process is such a beautiful reward for the work we do. I’ve seen so many beautiful turnarounds in our patients’ lives.” – Wendy Manning, RMA 

If you’re thinking about making a transformation in the near future, Wendy’s here to help! 

Curious which aesthetic services or surgical procedures are best for your unique needs and goals? Give us a call at (865) 218-6210 to chat with Wendy and the rest of our team during a personalized consultation.

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