Are We in a Culture of Investing in Ourselves? 

Every day, each of us is continually investing our time, energy, money, or thoughts — whether by creating art, donating to nonprofits, exercising, playing the stock market, advancing on a career path, raising kids, or something else. But have you given yourself permission to invest in YOU? 

Survey Says . . . 

A 2022 national survey of plastic surgeons shows that demand for cosmetic procedures has risen significantly in the past three years. But why now? 

The concept of body image is nothing new — it’s been talked about and thought about by men and women of all ages and shapes for all of human history. And the way we view our bodies and ourselves often has a major effect on our everyday lives and happiness, for good or ill. That’s certainly nothing new. But perhaps a cultural shift is making it more acceptable to invest in ourselves in order to achieve a positive body image and real, lasting confidence. 

Time for Reflection & Positive Change 

In recent years, social media and the pandemic have tended to keep people indoors more, where they may spend more time inactive or online than they used to. While that certainly has drawbacks, it’s not all negative. 

Spending time alone and slowing down the pace of life has allowed many people to reflect on what’s important to them and find the inspiration to live confidently. And that’s what we consider a culture of investing in ourselves. 

Here at The Lucas Center, we offer a variety of procedures and services that may fit how you want to invest in a positive body image and your overall health. Whether you’re new to our practice or have worked with Dr. Lucas before, we can help you with cosmetic procedures like: 

  • Body contouring, including after bariatric surgery 
  • Breast augmentation or reduction 
  • Male breast reduction 
  • Face and neck lifts 
  • Eyelid rejuvenation 
  • Nose surgery 
  • “Mommy makeovers” 

You might also be interested in non-surgical aesthetic services like: 

  • BOTOX® and Juvederm®
  • Chemical peels 
  • Microneedling 
How Do YOU Want to Invest in Yourself? 

There are many ways to invest in a more confident you. If improving your body image is one piece of your investment strategy, we’d love to help. 

We also know that whether to get plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure is always a very personal choice — one that you should never be pressured into by another person or trends in the media. That’s why, when you come into The Lucas Center for a consultation, you’ll get to discuss your goals and options in a no-pressure environment. Dr. Lucas cares about your overall wellness and wants to help you create confidence in whatever way is best for you. 

You can call us at (865) 218-6210, email us at, or fill out this quick form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lucas today.

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