Gynecomastia Getting You Down? Man, We Get It…

You’ve probably heard the term “man boobs” at some point in life. And while the term itself is often used in a derogatory manner, it technically refers to a common change in the body that many men experience… 

At The Lucas Center, we want you to know that—if you experience Gynecomastia, the scientific term for excess weight in a man’s chest region—you are not alone.

What Causes Large Male Breasts?

Gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue in men, can be a result of many factors, including  hormonal changes, poor diet, and just general fluctuations in the body as we age. This common, yet not-so-commonly-discussed issue can lead to insecurities in boys and men of all ages. But beyond the appearance of a man’s chest, it can also be frustrating to live with everyday.

Gynecomastia can make wearing certain clothing, working out, and embracing the most confident version of yourself a challenge. It can lead to insecurities that affect your health long term, which is why we want our male patients to know this is natural. Sagging and drooping skin happens to all of us as we age. The brightside is there are many aesthetic and cosmetic services for men available today that are specifically designed to help correct this issue or address other insecurities that are weighing you down.

If you’re currently suffering from Gynecomastia and are considering making a change in this area, The Lucas Center Plastic Surgery in Knoxville, TN is here to help!

Gynecomastia Surgery: What You Need to Know

If you determine your goals and decide Gynecomastia Surgery is right for you, here’s a few things to know:

  • More confidence. Most men who choose to have this procedure report feeling better about themselves afterwards. Don’t just take our word for it—check out Jon’s story on YouTube to hear how Dr. Lucas helped him feel more confident after Gynecomastia Surgery.
  • Minimal scarring. The Lucas Center uses a strategic, yet gentle approach to remove excess fat or skin on the chest and reposition the areola if needed. The result is a minor scar that will continue to fade over time. View a few of our before and after photos here to see for yourself!
  • Little downtime. Though all bodies react to surgery differently, those who elect to have Gynecomastia Surgery are typically able to return to daily life and work within a couple of weeks.

Make it a Year to Remember

If you’re looking for a pre-summer confidence boost with minimal downtime, you may want to consider your goals and determine if Gynecomastia Surgery is right for you. Winter and spring can be a great time for this rejuvenating procedure if you’re looking to achieve a smaller, more defined chest before the summer heat hits.

With decades of experience in cosmetic surgery, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jay Lucas has acquired an in-depth understanding of the human body from both an anatomic and creative point of view. His goal is to create the most precise results possible for every Gynecomastia patient.

Your Personalized Consultation

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