Summer Sins: 3 Things NOT to Do to Your Skin

With summer just around the corner, it’s smart to think ahead about how to take care of yourself during what is often a tough time of year for your skin. You may love soaking up the sun and the resulting tan or warm glow your skin gets — but your skin won’t love you for it. 

To help you plan ahead for a skin-smart season, we’re sharing three “summer sins” — what NOT to do to your skin while you enjoy the great outdoors, whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Summer Sin #1: Skipping sunscreen or staying in direct sunlight for too long

Everyone needs sunscreen — even if you don’t seem to burn easily. Regardless of your skin tone, too much exposure to sunlight without sun protection of some sort (for example, sunscreen, clothing, hats, or UV sunglasses) puts you at greater risk for skin cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD).

Not only that, but going without sunscreen or other sun protection contributes to premature aging, like sun spots and wrinkles. 

Sin #2: Skipping a preventative skincare routine

The ingredients in good skincare products help nourish your skin and mitigate sun damage. So — even when you’ve had a long, hot day — don’t skip your twice-a-day routine to help moisturize and restore your skin, especially at night. 

Wondering what skincare products to use? We recommend EltaMD sunscreen and skincare essentials, which for your convenience we have available for sale here at The Lucas Center. 

Sin #3: Skipping personalized care and preventative services

When you’re selecting skincare, make sure you choose products that provide what you need in light of your age and skin type — personalizing your routine to fit you best. 

For more, take a look at the AAD’s tips for selecting anti-aging skincare products.

At The Lucas Center, we may also be able to help you fight the effects of the sun with aesthetic services like: 

  • Collagen induction therapy (aka microneedling), a preventive option for those looking to enhance their skincare routine
  • Chemical peels, which remove the top, damaged layers of your skin and allow newer, healthier skin to grow in its place

Proceed with confidence

Whatever your routines, skin type, or history of sun damage, you can go into this summer ready to avoid these “summer sins” — and we’re here to help. During a consultation with Dr. Lucas, you can expect to receive personalized advice for taking  the best possible care of your skin.

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