360-Degree Rejuvenation with a Tummy Tuck + PAL

So, you’re seriously considering plastic surgery. For some people, it can be hard to decide which area of your body to focus on. For other patients, a target area or particular procedure may be easy to identify.

Either way, here at The Lucas Center, Dr. Lucas takes time to listen to your health goals, needs, and areas of concern — then provides personalized recommendations to help you create lasting confidence. 

Let’s learn about how one procedure many clients choose can provide 360-degree rejuvenation. 

The Tummy Tuck — Not Simply for Your Tummy

If an abdominoplasty (aka tummy tuck) is on your list of possibilities, did you know that Dr. Lucas can perform the procedure in combination with PAL (power-assisted liposuction) on the lower back for highly transformative, 360-degree results?

This means that when you choose a tummy tuck, you can improve love handles and posterior bra rolls (which can hang over bras and bathing suits straps and create bulges on the back). As a result, correcting these love handles can actually help accentuate the frame of the buttock and create an “hourglass” appearance by eliminating excess contour.

How Does it Work?

A tummy tuck involves the removal of excess fat and sagging skin, as well as abdominal wall tightening to eliminate bulges in the stomach that can’t be corrected with skin and fat removal alone.

For more on whether this may be a fit for you, see How to Know If It’s Time for 11111a Tummy Tuck.

Abdominoplasty + PAL

With Dr. Lucas’s skilled hands, this dynamic duo of procedures can give your midsection a 360-degree transformation. 

Not many surgeries can be combined, due to extended surgery times, recovery times, and the importance of patient safety above all else. However, PAL is a less invasive procedure than typical cosmetic surgeries, and it can serve as an excellent “spot treatment” around the love handles after a tummy tuck.

PAL uses a high-tech, oscillating handpiece to internally release ligaments of the skin and fat to allow for precise removal of unwanted, excess fat. This is followed by re-distributing the loosened fat to create a smooth, even contour. 

Lastly, expect to wear a compression garment for six weeks, which will train the skin to adhere to your body’s new contour. The result is a more balanced, proportional shape with even fat distribution for total rejuvenation of the area.

Your Personal Plan — Proven Results!

Dr. Lucas has over two decades of experience helping patients achieve lasting confidence and would love to do the same for you. 

Wherever you are in your personal health journey, if you’re ready to feel more confident and comfortable in your body, we’re here to help. Whether you’ve decided on a tummy tuck or still have a long list of questions (or both!), we’d love to talk about your goals and desired results. 

Schedule your personal consultation to learn more about your options and create a customized plan for you. Reach out to us online or give us a call at (865) 218-6210.

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