Common Reasons to Consider Breast Rejuvenation

Are your breasts falling onto the abdomen, causing your appearance to look matronly and not align with your age? Do they appear deflated after having children or experiencing significant weight loss? Or have life changes resulted in the breast mounds becoming heavy and sagging, making you wish they were smaller or more uplifted?

These are just some of the more common reasons women seek breast rejuvenation. However, each woman’s body composition, breast volume, chest wall configuration, and skin qualities are unique to them, and therefore need to be factored in as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This personalized look at the entire area and body can help restore the most youthful breast shape and appropriate, proportionate volume for superior results overall.

At The Lucas Center, we take the personalized consultation seriously, which is why Dr. Jay Lucas makes time to see each person and assess their specific goals and needs. Typically, he spends about an hour with each patient, discussing their physical body, health, and what is achievable with a customized approach to surgery.

Common Reasons Women Seek Breast Rejuvenation Include:

  • Low-volume breasts with appropriate shape and the nipples centered on the mound without excess skin.
    This situation commonly presents itself after puberty and is often unchanged with pregnancy, causing the women to desire a fuller, more rounded appearance that’s proportional with the rest of her body.

    The correction is best treated with a silicone gel implant to provide volume that matches the width of the breast and doesn’t exceed the width of the anterior chest into the armpit. The position of the implant – either partially under the chest muscle or under the breast mound covering the muscle –  is determined by the upper pole thickness of the breast and skin. Evidence-based medicine has proven the safest position for access is under the breast fold to minimize capsular contracture (an inflammatory reaction to implants).
  • Breasts that lack upper pole fullness with the nipples below the mound but well above the breast fold.
    Women who display this type of breast require a combination of an augmentation with an implant, as well as a reduction of breast skin and lift the nipple. This will allow for a centered, non-saggy appearance with the degree of incisions being determined during each patient’s personalized consultation. Generally, it requires at least one vertical incision, in addition to an incision around the newly positioned nipple-areola.

  • Breasts that lack upper pole fullness with the nipples well below the breast fold.
    This situation can be challenging because the degree of repositioning of the nipple such a long way can strain the blood supply and can cause wound healing issues. Therefore, in this particularly unique situation, a staged approach is required with an extensive breast lift procedure first to put the skin, breast, and nipple in the correct position.

    Then, it is followed by a breast augmentation with an implant in 3-4 months to minimize complications. This is not an unusual situation for women who have experienced significant weight loss such as bariatric surgery.

  • Breasts with adequate volume that have enlarged with weight changes over time and hang down over the abdomen.
    Women who have always had slightly larger breasts – or women who were initially smaller and more proportionate until gravity or weight gain took a toll on this area –  have heavier breasts that fall over the abdomen. This is a frequent reason we hear patients request a breast reduction with lift at The Lucas Center.

    Often, these women have excess tissue in the armpit and the lateral bra roll areas, which can lead to fatigue and neck/shoulder discomfort. This common concern can be addressed by reducing the breast volume, lifting the breast, elevating the breast fold, and performing lipo-contouring of the armpit and lateral breast roll in conjunction with skin removal. During this procedure, Dr. Lucas will recycle the breast tissue that hangs over the belly and reposition it under the chest wall muscle to provide upper pole enhancement that’s similar to an implant without the added cost of one. This can help give a more youthful look and lighter feel to the breast area, which is welcome by all.

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