Find Out What Current Concepts of Face Lifts Can Do for You

Products like neurotoxins (such as BOTOX®), hyaluronic acid filler agents (such as Juvederm®), and services like chemical peels and microneedling have all played important roles in minimally-invasive approaches to subduing the aging process.

These popular aesthetic services can help by softening fine lines, restoring volume in the facial fat pads, and refreshing the outer skin while enhancing collagen production. However, as the aging process progresses and gravity plays its part on the body, maintaining a youthful, refreshed appearance of the face and neck eventually requires surgical intervention.

Concepts for Modern Face & Neck Lifts

Modern concepts of surgical facial rejuvenation include restoring volume in the midface with fat grafting to the cheeks, several facial fat pads, and around the mouth if needed to correct a deflated appearance of the lips.

Once volume of fat is restored, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Luca will reposition the fallen tissues in the cheeks and lower face, while addressing any excess fat in the neck. This focus on both the face and neck during the procedure helps create a corset with lateral lift, which sharpens and enhances the angle of the chin/neck and lateral jaw region.

To improve the smoothness of the outer skin around the mouth even more, additional techniques like microneedling, chemical peels, and even laser resurfacing may be helpful. However, for the best long-term results, surgical face & neck lifts with fat grafting are key in achieving the look you want for as long as possible to maximize your investment in yourself.

One Patient’s Journey with a Face Lift

An example of the attention to details that pay off is with the below patient, Diahn, who was found to have a small lower jaw with a recessed chin, creating the appearance of an obtuse chin and neck angle. This further enhanced the hanging skin on her neck, so we decided to place a chin implant through the same access incision used for her neck lift to enhance the projection of the chin (i.e. add length) and achieve superior results overall.

Watch Diahn’s full story on YouTube to see how she got back to doing what she loves with the help of Dr. Lucas and a rejuvenating face lift surgery.

Pro tip from Dr. Lucas: The aesthetic marketplace is crowded with highly-marketed claims that don’t pass the outcome test. Be wary of trends like threading, radiofrequency devices, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and others like them. While they are advertised to act as an alternative to face and neck lifts, they can be quite expensive (especially for long-term maintenance) without the same results.

Personalized to Each Unique Patient

During every personalized consultation, Dr. Lucas takes the time to analyze the jaw and facial bone structure, the underlying muscle structures of the lower face and neck, the fat pads associated with the midface, mouth, and neck, and the quality and quantity of the overlying skin of the face and neck. Every component of this examination helps determine the best possible surgical plan for you, as no two bodies or faces are exactly the same.

With his over 20 years of clinical practice in plastic surgery and an extensive background in dentistry and craniofacial plastic surgery, Dr. Lucas is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to determine the ideal treatment plan for targeting and preventing signs of aging.

If you feel minimally-invasive techniques aren’t achieving your long-term goals anymore, reach out to The Lucas Center to book your consultation today. Still looking to learn more about this restorative procedure? Check out Barbara’s Story on YouTube and subscribe to our channel for more patient stories like hers while you’re there!

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