A Tummy Tuck in Real Life: Karen’s Experience with Abdominoplasty

By the time Karen visited The Lucas Center to talk about getting an abdominoplasty, she had already been for two other consultations with different plastic surgeons in Knoxville. And honestly, she was unimpressed with the other surgeons. 

“The visits felt very routine and cookie-cutter,” she recalls, and each of those other doctors only spent about 30 minutes with her.

Personal, Cutting-Edge Care at The Lucas Center

Meeting with Dr. Lucas at The Lucas Center was an entirely different experience from Karen’s previous consultations with the other surgeons. 

Dr. Lucas’s excitement and passion for his work were obvious from the very first consultation. He spent hours talking with her, explaining the latest cutting-edge techniques and discussing how he can help achieve her body goals.

Karen recalls it being “clear that he was going to do a job he would be proud of,” which gave her the confidence to proceed with her abdominoplasty. Not only that, but Dr. Lucas’s bedside manner helped put her at ease too: “He was down-to-earth, very genuine, but he was also very, very professional.”

A Commitment to Artistry

Today, Karen recommends Dr. Lucas to any of her friends or family who are considering plastic surgery. “There’s nobody else that is going to provide that kind of one-on-one real commitment to artistry and try to come out with a perfect result,” she says. 

And how does Karen feel about her results now? “I don’t have the belly that I was walking around with before — or the saggy breasts,” she says. “I feel like a movie star on the inside!”

Proven Success, Lasting Confidence

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