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Getting Plastic Surgery? What to Expect on Operating Day at The Lucas Center

If you’re getting ready for a plastic surgery procedure, you may experience a mix of feelings — nervousness, excitement, curiosity, and more. 

Whatever procedure you’re anticipating, when you team up with us here at The Lucas Center, we want you to know what to expect. That way, you can rest easy while you look forward to operating day and the results that follow. 

Let’s look at the “steps” of a typical operating day at The Lucas Center:

Arrival at the hospital

After you wake up at home on operating day, you’ll need to have a friend or loved one drive you to Parkwest Medical Center an hour and a half before your scheduled procedure. After completing the check-in process, you’ll be taken to a pre-operative nurse to prepare for surgery.

Prepping for surgery

Next, the preoperative nurse will place an IV access to administer medications. They will also get you ready for surgery. 

Meeting with the anesthesiologist

Now, it’s time for you to talk with the anesthesiologist to help them understand your medical history and make a final plan for keeping you safe and comfortable during your procedure. 

Dr. Lucas’s arrival

Dr. Lucas will arrive about 15-20 minutes prior to the start of surgery. During this time, he will put markings on the surgical site and review the surgical plan and the unique design pattern for your particular rejuvenation. 

Entering the operating room

Time to move! The operating room nurse will escort you and the anesthesiologist to the operating room. Here, you’ll be temporarily put under, and nurses will begin surgical prepping and draping to ensure the environment where your surgery takes place is completely sterile.

Surgery time

The specifics of surgery, including how long it will last, depend on your procedure and the personalized plan you’ve made with Dr. Lucas. Prior to the operating day, Dr. Lucas will be happy to answer questions about your specific procedure so you can feel confident and informed. 


After the surgery is completed and postoperative garments are applied, you’ll be taken to recovery until you are awake and stable. 

Discharge instructions

Shortly after this, the final stage prior to discharge is day surgery, where a nurse will review discharge instructions with you before you leave.

Dr. Lucas will also meet with any family members or caregivers after surgery to discuss the procedure and give final instructions. To make sure both you and your caregivers can go home with confidence, at this point he typically gives out his personal mobile number so you can contact him if any questions arise overnight.

Heading home

It’s time for a family member or friend to take you home for rest and recovery. Be sure to follow your discharge instructions, drink plenty of fluids, and take it easy so you can heal well and get the best results from your surgery. 

For more information about what to expect after going home, check out our FAQ about healing and recovery

Now that you know what to expect on operating day, we hope you feel empowered to face the day with confidence and excitement. 

Still have questions? Give us a call at (865) 218-6210. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals and experience the true, lasting confidence you deserve! 

Please note: This post is not intended to serve as medical advice. Always refer to your surgeon for specific instructions and additional questions or information.

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