Embracing Change: Why We Either Love It or Hate It

Do you view change as terrifying or exhilarating? 

An unwelcome guest, or a new friend?

A threat, or an adventure?

As Abigail Brenner, M.D., writes in Psychology Today, “For some, change is daunting, even frightening, while others boldly embrace it, welcoming whatever change brings.” 

Why is Change So Hard?

If you find yourself generally resisting change, you’re not alone. In fact, some experts say humans are “hardwired” to avoid changes that could threaten “fundamental needs such as safety, freedom, the status quo, belonging, and fairness.” 

By definition, change means the loss of the status quo. And loss can be difficult, even when something else is gained.

Why is Change Easier for Some People?

Personality plays a role in your approach to life changes and transitions. If status quo sounds like a bad word to you, you may find it easy to embrace change when it comes. Perhaps you’re a thrill seeker. Maybe you get bored when life is too routine, and you love a good switch-up. 

Life experience also influences how we handle change. Perhaps you’ve learned the hard way, for example, that an unwanted change can sometimes yield an even better new “normal” — so now you face life’s transitions with more hope and acceptance.

Attitude is Everything

Thriving in this world requires flexibility and resilience, which means accepting and even expecting changes we cannot control. Thankfully, regardless of our “natural” tendencies, we can learn to embrace life changes as unavoidable and even positive in many cases. 

“What you believe about change,” says Brenner, “plays an enormous role in the way you navigate change.” That means we don’t have to be stuck in resistance. We can cultivate attitudes of openness, and we can acknowledge what we are giving up while looking forward to gaining something else. 

We’re Here for You

Many of our clients at The Lucas Center come to us after experiencing significant life changes, such as pregnancy and childbirth, weight gain, massive weight loss, aging, and more. Not only that, our clients also come contemplating making significant changes to their bodies, some surgical and some non-surgical. If that sounds like you, we’d love to help. 

The Lucas Center is a safe place to embrace change and create true, lasting confidence with a team that understands this is a big decision. When you’re ready, give us a call today at (865) 218-6210 or schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Lucas.

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