Dr. Lucas

Dr. Lucas on Remembering & Honoring His Mother

Each year, the month of May brings a special time to celebrate the mother figures in our lives. From birth mothers, adopted mothers, bonus mothers, to grandmothers, and more – it’s a time to acknowledge and give thanks to the matriarchs who have helped make us who we are!

Who was Joan Hathaway Lucas?

“Although my own mother passed away over 20 years ago, I still try to pause this time of year to remember how truly special she was and how she contributed to who I am today. 

Joan Hathaway Lucas was born in 1929 in southwestern Pennsylvania and spent her formative years against the backdrop of the Great Depression and World War II. That grim backdrop did not bring her down. In fact, she was known for her warm demeanor and kindness – plus her favorite phrase to share upon greeting and parting: ‘Happy Day!’

Her positivity was infectious! In my childhood home, right inside the kitchen door, my mother hung a small chalkboard on the wall that said, ‘A kind word turns away wrath.’ I still try to remember this during times of strife with others, thanks to my mother. 

She taught me by example the meaning of loving your neighbor and putting the needs of other people before your own – two values I try to live out both personally and professionally. That’s why, when you walk through the doors of The Lucas Center, our goal is that you feel cared for, loved, and appreciated. That’s how my mother lived her life, ministering to her friends and family, so that’s what we strive for too.”

– Dr. Jay Lucas

Happy Mother’s Day from The Lucas Center!

To all the moms – birth moms, adopted moms, bonus moms, grandmoms, great grandmoms, and more – we at The Lucas Center wish you a Happy Mother’s Day this month! May you see the beautiful legacy you have built for the generations after you, and may you feel loved, appreciated, and pampered this season!

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