Here Are the Top 3 Plastic Surgery Procedures to Reverse Aging

They say wisdom comes with age, but unfortunately, so do wrinkles and sagging skin. Over time, our skin loses elasticity, our faces can lose their youthful fullness, and we can be left with excess skin and wrinkles that may not match how young we still feel. If you’d like to keep the wisdom you’ve gained with age but reverse aging’s physical effects, we’re here to help. 

Let’s look at the top three plastic surgery procedures that can be most transformative and rejuvenating for patients looking to fight signs of aging. 

Face & Neck Lift

A well-done face and neck lift can make you look years younger while, crucially, still looking like you! For this procedure, Dr. Lucas repositions loose, hanging skin in your cheek, jaw, and neck areas. Then, he uses fat grafting to restore volume to areas of your face that have diminished with age. Dr. Lucas brings over two decades of experience in cosmetic surgery and a keen eye for aesthetics to the operating table so that you achieve natural-looking results and a big win in the fight to reverse aging. 

Brow Lift (or Forehead Lift)

If you’re concerned about drooping skin around your eyes, a brow lift may be a good fit. This minimally invasive surgery can yield maximum results for fighting aging, especially when combined with eyelid rejuvenation (touched on below). With endoscopic technology, Dr. Lucas repositions and smooths the skin of your forehead, which ultimately lifts the skin above your eyelids. No more tired eyes! When you look in the mirror after your brow lift, a wider-eyed, more youthful-looking you will gaze back. 

Eyelid Rejuvenation 

Age, gravity, and sun exposure on the delicate skin around the eyes can eventually lead to loose, drooping eyelids and give you a “sleepy” look. Often combined with a brow lift, eyelid rejuvenation (aka blepharoplasty) may be your solution. Dr. Lucas has the extensive craniofacial experience needed to give your eyelid area a refresh, with natural-looking results that will help you look as young as you feel. 

Reverse Aging in the Best Way for You 

If you’re looking for ways to reverse aging, you’re not alone. We all see time’s effects when we look in the mirror. But procedures like a face and neck lift, a brow lift, and eyelid rejuvenation can help you look vibrant and refreshed again. 

Here at The Lucas Center, we know that the desire to turn back the clock is not unique, but YOU are. That’s why, before we recommend any procedure, we’ll work with you to identify what’s best for your health and body goals first and foremost. Schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Lucas or give us a call today at (865) 218-6210.

We’d love to help you on your journey to feel confident again in the skin you’re in! 

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