Fat Grafting

Being human means having excess fat in some areas of your body and not enough in other areas that you wish were more plump.

A slightly disproportionate body shape is extremely common and causes many people to view their body in a negative way. At The Lucas Center, we want you to see your body as a work of art. With some subtle sculpting and fine-tuning, we’ll make you a masterpiece.

Fat grafting is an age-old technique that takes fat from one area of the body and injects it into another area. Today’s techniques are safer and provide better results than ever before. Like airbrushing a photo, fat grafting fine-tunes your results, creating the softer, more natural appearance you’re looking for.

Don’t spend your life waiting for confidence to find you. Find it yourself at The Lucas Center.

Areas that Benefit from Fat Grafting:
  • Face – can be used to restore age-related fat loss, especially in the middle cheek area
  • Breast – can be used to smooth out depressions, replenish depleted tissue, or fill in hollow areas of the breast for a more natural look
  • Body – can be used to enhance, reposition, and reshape the buttock and thigh areas for a natural, long-lasting result

Before & After

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