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Not all aging necks and aesthetic plastic surgeons are the same

Human faces like snowflakes are all very unique and present unique challenges for the aesthetic plastic surgeon. It is vital for a surgeon to perform an in-depth three dimensional facial analysis prior to considering a customized treatment plan for the patient. Unfortunately many prospective patients get starry eyed with marketing by companies offering new technologies for aging necks and faces. Such technologies include cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting), radiofrequency skin tightening (Ulthera), fat dissolving injections (Kybella), LASERS, and barb suture thread lifts of the face. Confusion exits among patients as well as surgeons as many varied surgical techniques are now available to provide a refreshed rejuvenated face and neck.

So, which one is right? The answer can be quite a challenge for prospective patients to discern. The bottom line is the variables of surgical techniques utilized by the surgeon. But most importantly – the technologies deployed are always less important compared to the individual surgeon’s skill who is performing these procedures. Many roads can lead to Rome, just as many described surgical procedures can produce outstanding results – a comprehensive assessment of the face and an understanding of the three dimensional anatomy of facial bones, the underlying muscles and their balance of activity levels, the deposition of fat in deep pockets and subcutaneous layers, and finally the volume and quality of the overlying skin must be viewed as a cohesive unit for optimal results. Skilled artistic surgeons must first visualize in 3-D the current anatomy as well as understand how to balance all of these components to produce a collective harmony of the face during a rejuvenation process.

The individual techniques to address all these levels of treatment are less important than being able to aesthetically analyze and bring forth an organized approach to get to the final product. The artist who is composing a figure out of stone must first see the final product within the raw material. This vision is significantly more important than the discussions of how to subtract the excess stone, as each artist has his own unique method to achieve art. This is counter to the current evidence-based-practices within surgery and medicine today where uniformity of techniques and processes are mandated for best practice outcomes. Laparoscopic gallbladder removal has become quite standardized with limited deviations allowed to control outcomes and cost. However, this cannot be extrapolated to aesthetic facial rejuvenation. The aesthetic eye of the surgeon is the final arbiter of the quality of the outcome as long as the individual surgeon executes his procedure to the highest level of care.

Your face is as important of a collective of your individuality as any other part of your body. Therefore, it is tantamount for a prospective patient to choose wisely who will perform their facial rejuvenation from non-invasive procedures such as neurotoxins and filler agents all the way to surgical procedures. It is not a simple commodity such as purchasing the same car at various dealerships. The patient is choosing artistry, knowledge, and skill of the surgeon not the name of a product used, technology, or named surgical procedure. These are inconsequential to the outcomes of success. Interview your surgeon, ask to speak to their patients, view their repertoire of before and after pictures to assess judgement and a discerning aesthetic eye. Skill in marketing and name recognition does not always parallel quality of results. Choose your artist well for happy, best results in aesthetic procedures.

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