Abdominal Rejuvenation Surgery

Fall and Winter are great times to consider abdominal rejuvenation surgery

Most surgical body contouring procedures require compression garments be worn four to six weeks postoperatively.  Why?  Because patients will maximize their outcomes.  Due to cooler weather in the fall and winter seasons, many of my patients often dovetail holidays such as Thanksgiving through New Years to gain extra recovery time without missing work or holiday events. Additionally, many women want to be well healed to look great on Spring break vacations to sport their new body contours.  

Here are a few considerations to consider as you explore body contouring surgery:

Having children, weight loss with or without bariatric surgery, aging skin, and previous open abdominal surgery with vertical scars can all contribute to diminished aesthetic appearances of the abdomen.  Additionally, other areas that can diminish the overall appearance of the torso may include unwanted fat contours of the posterior bra line, and posterior flanks (otherwise known as muffin top).  If surgical rejuvenation is something that a prospective patient is considering, then a detailed consultation with a plastic surgeon is necessary to determine the correct approach to yield the best results.  Many factors must be considered such as the quality and quantity of the skin to determine if the underlying fat excess can be adjusted with lipo- contouring alone or with the addition of surgical removal of skin to achieve a nice tight, smooth contour.

Expected improvements with Abdominoplasty:

  • Elimination of lower abdominal excess skin that may hang over the mons pubis (pubic area).
  • Correct abdominal wall integrity lost by separation of the rectus abdominus (front of the abdomen) muscles from pregnancy or congenital anomalies.
  • Contour the mons pubis and provide a sleeker appearance in swim wear and athletic or leisure apparel.
  • Contour excess abdominal fat contours in the upper abdomen and anterior flanks.
  • Create a youthful belly button.

Expected improvements of power assisted lipo-contouring of the posterior flanks:

  • Create a sleeker circumferential contour of the lower torso when combined with abdominal lipo-contouring or abdominoplasty to improve appearance in current fashion trends.
  • May enhance the hour glass silhouette often obscured when a women’s lower rib diameter and the pelvic rim diameter are the same.
  • Often is a great source of gluteal (buttocks) enhancement fat volume while further defining hour glass appearance.

Expected results of power assisted lipo-contouring of the posterior bra line:

  • Eliminates the back-bra line roll that detracts from the overall posterior aesthetics in swimsuits and fitted dresses.
  • May tighten somewhat loose skin in this area if tissues are appropriate for lipo-contouring alone.

Reverse Abdominoplasty, A technique to elevate and remove loose upper abdominal skin and positioning of the scar within the breast folds:

  • An excellent technique when the skin excess resides within the upper abdomen and not positioned hanging over the mons pubis.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a breast lift to provide added vascularized fat volume from the abdomen to fill the upper pole of the breasts in lieu of an implant.
  • May be a better choice on a woman who has upper skin excess with no diastasis rectus and never was pregnant.
  • Lower abdominal excess fat deposition can be lipo-contoured to leave a flat stomach.


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