Dr. Lucas

Why I Love What I Do: An Interview with Dr. Jay Lucas

From men looking to slim their chest area to moms who turned to exercise but were left feeling disappointed, our patients at The Lucas Center visit us for all kinds of reasons. At the end of the day, though, it’s not why they’ve decided to change their appearance that matters most (though that is certainly important). What matters most is who you turn to for help once you’ve deciding you’re ready to make a change.

When considering cosmetic or plastic surgery, you want a surgeon who’s 3 things above all else: board-certified (this is so important!), respectful of your body and time, and committed to helping you accomplish your unique goals. In other words, you want someone who puts a plan together that’s right for YOU.

Helping Patients Decide What’s Best for Their Unique Body

Dr. Lucas: “I typically see three types of patients. The first is a prospective patient who is still trying to decide if plastic surgery is right for them. The second is a post-operative patient, following up on their results after surgery. The third is anyone interested in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, such as BOTOX™ for managing the effects of aging or facial fillers for restoring lost volume.

During our hour-long personalized consultation, my team and I will ask about the patient’s medical history (including any previous surgeries) and unique goals, discuss procedure risks, do a comprehensive physical exam, and answer any looming questions he/she may have. For those interested in select body or face procedures, we also use this time to help them visualize their results before even booking, using our in-house VECTRA 3D Imaging System.”

The Lucas Center is all about patient safety and precise, natural-looking results. These two pillars are the foundation for everything Dr. Lucas and his team does and help ensure all patients leave feeling more confident in their appearance than ever.

An Inside Look at Operation Day

Dr. Lucas: “My days in the OR typically start around 7:00 AM, when I meet the patient in the waiting area and mark their body for precise results. At this point, the patient may start to feel a bit nervous, which is completely natural and to be expected. Because I understand where they’re coming from, I always try to reassure my patients by reminding them why we’re there. ‘After today,’ I’ll say, ‘you’ll be one step closer to the confidence you deserve.’”

When the procedure is over, Dr. Lucas checks in on the patient, goes over routine information regarding the surgery and recovery periods, and answers any other questions they may have. Sometimes, if the patient is still feeling anxious or just needs an extra dash of TLC, Dr. Lucas or one of his trained nurses will provide a way for them to access the information they need in between business hours. Sometimes it’s a trusted online resource, other times it’s his personal cell phone number for emergencies. If there’s a way to help patients feel more comfortable and confident, Dr. Lucas and his team are on it.

“When You Love What You Do, It Shows in Your Patient Care” – Dr. Lucas

This goes back to choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who is committed to you and your unique goals. In Dr. Lucas’ case, the challenge of performing corrective surgery and creating an aesthetically-pleasing anatomy is what excites him most and keeps him passionate about the ever-changing plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Lucas: “Honestly, I love all aspects of my work. But if I had to choose, my favorite surgeries to perform would be a combination face and neck lift or a lipo-abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). The thing I love most about these surgeries is how transformative they can be for both women and men.”

A face and neck lift is perfect for anyone with drooping or sagging skin, loss of a defined jaw line, or deflated volume in the midface region. To combat these things, Dr. Lucas couples tissue repositioning and removal with facial fat grating for total volume restoration. The outcome leaves patients looking and feeling more rejuvenated and youthful.

A tummy tuck is also great for restoring a youthful look. After experiencing a major change to the body, such as childbirth or massive weight loss, this procedure can restore the patient’s abdominal contour, improve core muscle strength, and alleviate bulges that often create discomfort. Combining that with the removal of excess skin and targeted liposuction for help with “trouble spots,” and you’ve got one highly-transformative, confidence-creating procedure.

His Advice to YOU

Plastic surgery isn’t right for everyone. Dr. Lucas and his team understand that, which is why The Lucas Center’s mission is to only provide patients with cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that are right for them (physically and mentally).

Dr. Lucas: “If something about your appearance is making you feel self-conscious, you may want to consider consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon on your options. He or she can help you feel more confident in your decision (whether it’s to move forward with the procedure or not) by discussing your fears, goals, and options at length.

But I always tell patients to remember this: plastic surgery is NOT magic. It is a discipline of medicine that inspires surgeons and patients to think three-dimensionally and work together on achieving desired results. To do your body justice, please choose a surgeon that has demonstrated skill with the procedure, has a knack for design and precise mathematical measurement, and is highly-knowledgeable of the human anatomy. Feeling confident in your surgeon and your decision is the first step to feeling confident in your enhanced appearance.”

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