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Common Questions from Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Choosing to invest in cosmetic or plastic surgery means choosing to invest in yourself. It’s a big decision that can change your life, so it’s natural to have questions or concerns before the big day. From choosing your surgeon to payment plans and recovery, there’s a lot you’ll need to know in order to make an informed decision about what’s best for your body.

In this article, we’ll go over some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Our hope is that this information provides you with a deeper understanding of the plastic surgery process, including techniques and patient care standards to look for when deciding on a surgeon.

What will I look like after my procedure?

The most accurate answer to this common question can only come from talking to your surgeon at length about your goals. He/She can provide information on reasonable expectations for any procedure. You can also ask questions about the recovery time, potential scarring, and whether there are other procedures that you should consider instead.

More often than not, patients leave our office feeling rejuvenated, confident, and wishing they hadn’t waited to get their procedure. At the end of the day, this is a service that’s all about YOU. Don’t be afraid to be open and honest with your surgeon and their team. Ask questions along the way and be sure to provide as much detail as possible when discussing your health and goals for the procedure. This is the best way to ensure you receive your desired results.

For a little extra comfort in this area, some practices elect to use advanced technology to help you visualize your results during the consultation. At The Lucas Center, we do this for select face and body procedures using our in-house VECTRA 3D Imaging System. During your consultation, Dr. Lucas may recommend this if you’re considering a breast augmentation or lift, rhinoplasty (nose job), gynecomastia (male breast reduction), chin enhancement, or body contouring.

What should I look for in a surgeon?

While good credentials don’t guarantee a successful outcome, they significantly increase the probability of getting the results you want. When choosing a surgeon, we always recommend narrowing your search to include only Board-Certified surgeons. This means the surgeon has been recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) as having formal training in an accredited plastic surgery residency program.

In addition, it’s extremely beneficial to choose a surgeon that has demonstrated experience in the procedure you’re interested in. Not all surgeons perform all plastic surgery procedures, so this is especially important when looking into newer or more “controversial” procedures (such as a Buttock Enhancement).

In Dr. Lucas’s case, his craniofacial, dental, and pediatric experience makes him a great choice for facial procedures. His added experience and education in these areas have given him a unique understanding of the human anatomy that allows him to create the most precise results possible for his patients.

How much will my procedure cost?

With today’s advanced surgical techniques and a rising interest in cosmetic services, many procedures have become much more affordable in recent years. However, it’s always good to be aware of your payment options.

Patient’s wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery should be aware that insurance does not typically cover these types of procedures. In this case, the patient is responsible for any doctor, hospital, and anesthesia fees, due approximately 10 days prior to your surgery.

At The Lucas Center, we never want you to feel held back by your financial situation. You deserve to look and feel your best, which is why we offer two different payment plans that can help cover the cost of your procedure(s). These plans make it easy for qualified patients to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of cosmetic surgery, without the burden of unmanageable payments.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Lucas and his team will go over this information with you so that you can starting planning for your future self today.

To verify a surgeon’s Board Certification status, contact the American Board of Plastic Surgery at (215) 587-9322 or visit their website.

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