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A Day In The Life Of Wendy Manning At The Lucas Center

Wendy Manning
Registered Medical Assistant


As The Lucas Center’s Registered Medical Assistant, Wendy Manning shares Dr. Lucas’ goals to help their patients change their perspective on how they see themselves and create real self-confidence.

“Seeing the transformations that our patients make after surgery and watching their confidence grow throughout the entire process from beginning to end — is such a beautiful reward for the work we do,” Wendy explains. Day in and day out she is delighted to serve alongside Dr. Lucas as their dedicated staff helps create those transformations for their patients.

The first smile you see when you come to The Lucas Center is often Wendy’s. She has been one of the warm and friendly faces of The Lucas Center for three years. Her bright and welcoming presence is one of the reasons why clients love the environment at the center.

“We are adept at making our patients feel at home from the minute they walk in the door – regardless of why they are here.” Seeking out aesthetic care is an extremely personal decision. It’s usually elective and a decision that has taken some time to arrive at. “We always want to offer a very relaxed and nonjudgmental atmosphere,” she explains.

And so, the day begins. Wendy schedules surgeries, triages patients, assists Dr. Lucas with in-office procedures and surgeries as well as helps him with patient consultations – those one on one conversations where listening is as important as talking. Along with patient care, Wendy’s day is busy behind the scenes, managing various administrative duties, like updating patient files and ordering clinical supplies.

Wendy is a twenty-two-year veteran in the medical field and brings a wide range of invaluable experience to The Lucas Center. “I worked in the orthopedic and primary care fields, but plastic surgery really intrigued me and I decided to enter this exciting medical world.”

And she’s grateful she did. “I have seen so many beautiful turnarounds in our patients’ lives. I wouldn’t call this one the most transformative, but the story stands out to me. A 13-year-old girl, who had traveled from out of state with her mother to see us, was very self-conscious about how far her ears stuck out. I remember she kept trying to hide her ears with her long brown hair. She said she was tired of being made fun of – which just broke my heart. Many people just don’t realize that the size and shape of your ears actually truly affects your overall appearance and self-confidence. “Dr. Lucas performed a procedure called an otoplasty, or cartilage reshaping, on her.”

“When that young lady walked back in our office for her follow up appointment, with her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, the smile on her face simply made my day. It just shows even those smaller procedures can make a big impact on someone’s life!”

A day in the life of Wendy Manning at The Lucas Center makes a difference in the life of her patients.

When Wendy is not making someone else’s day at The Lucas Center, she is spending the day on random and outdoorsy day trips, frequently chasing waterfalls anywhere from Tennessee to North Carolina.

Wendy would love to welcome you and introduce you to the many aesthetic care services Dr. Lucas and the staff offer. Please call (865) 218-6210 or go online to schedule a consultation. We are conveniently located in the Fort Sanders West medical plaza near I-40 and Pellissippi Parkway.

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