An Uplifting Procedure with Naturally Beautiful Results

Patients who come to Dr. Jay Lucas’s  practice for breast reductions combined with lifts (mastopexies) are seeking not only lighter, more lifted and comfortable breasts, but enhanced aesthetic outcomes as well.  Specifically, they want to enjoy a more proportionally rounded, naturally uplifted contour, look more youthful in their clothes and often alleviate discomfort from the weight of heavy breasts. 

Our patients at The Lucas Center know they can count on Dr. Lucas’ highly skilled and appropriate assessments of the entire breast and chest wall that leads to exceptional outcomes.

 Details that affect the overall outcome include:

  • the vertical length of the chest wall
  • the amount of breast tissue present in the upper pole (breasts have an upper and lower pole divided by the nipple; breast fullness is gauged in each pole)
  • the presence of excess contour of the Tail of Spence of the breast (breast tissue extends horizontally (side-to-side) from the edge of the sternum – the firm flat bone in the middle of the chest –  out to the midaxillary line (the center of the axilla , or underarm. A tail of breast tissue called the “axillary tail of Spence” extend into the underarm area)
  • the amount of skin and fatty tissue present in the lateral bra fold
  • the position of the inframammary (below the mammary gland) breast fold 
  • the breast volume and skin quality and quantity

Getting The Best Outcomes 

Dr. Lucas explains, “Amazing aesthetic outcomes from plastic surgery start with the thorough analysis and assessment of the desired body part in conjunction with the contiguous anatomic zones, and end with perfect execution of the correctly chosen surgical procedure to achieve excellence. “Spending quality time during the consultation and planning session can help us avoid any oversights that detract from the overall results.”

For example: For a woman who wants a breast reduction and has a relatively long chest with increased distance from her breast fold to her collar bone, all of the breast volume is confined in the expanded hanging skin brassier, with little to none on the upper chest wall itself.  This is a set up for a poor aesthetic outcome with a traditional breast reduction technique. The outcome will be a flat upper pole with a ski slope shape that appears low set with respect to the rest of the chest. 

Dr. Lucas states, “My go-to plan for this patient, provided there is enough breast tissue confined in the lower pole, is to recycle the tissue and not to send it away to pathology. Instead, I would transpose the breast from the unwanted hanging position to the upper chest wall under the muscle to provide upper pole enhancement for the final outcome otherwise not achievable with other methods. If insufficient tissue exists for the flap, then fat grafting from another site, such as the tummy, thighs, or flanks, can provide the needed material to enhance the shape while also providing improvement in the above-mentioned contour regions (a win win).”

Dr. Lucas adds, “Other contiguous structures which can detract from the overall breast aesthetic outcome are the lateral bra roll under the arms and the puffy area of excess breast tissue within and around the arm pit which often overhangs the bra strap. Attention to details is key to making this preoperative observation and when present, should be addressed with a combination of lipo-contouring and if indicated, tissue excision with the scar placed in the lower lateral chest wall. The goal is to sculpt the lateral tissue to provide a pleasing lateral breast silhouette without the distraction of excess lateral bra rolls.”

Are you a candidate for a breast reduction/lift?

There are lots of reasons patients seek out Dr. Lucas’s expertise in breast reduction and lifts, such as sagging, drooping, disproportionately large or asymmetrical breasts due to aging, pregnancy or illness. If you want to explore a breast reduction/lift (mastopexy), please keep these points in mind during the consultation so the entire aesthetic zones are addressed to ensure optimal outcomes. The lower pole transposition of breast tissue to the upper chest wall is a wonderful value-added technique to provide improved upper pole enhancement during the breast rejuvenation procedure.

If you are interested in a breast surgical consult with Dr. Lucas to learn more about this procedure and many other options for confidence-boosting surgeries,  please contact The Lucas Center, Plastic Surgery at 865. 218.6210 or schedule online. 



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