Dr. Lucas

7 Things You May Not Know About Dr. Lucas 

Choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon for you is no easy feat. There’s so much that goes into the decision: industry expertise, experience performing your desired procedure, and of course, the surgeon themselves. 

At The Lucas Center, we want you to get to know our team on a personal level, so you can make the most informed decision about whether we’re the best fit for you. 

How well do you know Dr. Jay Lucas? 

Let’s find out! Here’s a few fun facts about Dr. Lucas you may be surprised to learn… 

  1. Dr. Lucas is an avid sports fan! In his free time, you’ll often catch him cheering on whatever basketball or football team is playing that day, especially if it’s the Vols!
  2. Another way he loves to spend his free time is cooking or dining out with his family. Connor’s and Chesapeake’s are two of his and his wife Crista’s favorite spots to eat in Knoxville, but he also loves smoking meats on his Green Egg Grill at home.
  3. Ever wonder what Dr. Lucas’ morning routine looks like? While it varies depending on if he’s headed to The Lucas Center or the operating room that day, you can always count on him grabbing his favorite order from Dunkin Donuts on the way into work. A large, black coffee with just a splash of cream is his go-to.
  4. Another part of his routine that may surprise you is just how much he loves picking out his socks every morning! Next time you’re in the office or see him out and about, make sure to ask him if he’s rocking one of his favorite styles. He loves pairing his suits and scrubs with fun, bold patterns!
  5. Dr. Lucas’ expertise in the plastic surgery field may not be a surprise to you, but did you know he also completed his Oral Surgery residency? Early on in his education, he recognized that the plastic surgery field requires an in-depth anatomic understanding of the human body, which is why he decided to add oral surgery to his list of skills—something that still proves useful in his facial procedures today! 
  6. Something else that proves useful in Dr. Lucas’ work today is his Postdoctoral Training. Before opening The Lucas Center, he lived in California while attending Stanford University Medical Center and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital for a Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship. You can learn more about this and his other notable achievements here.
  7. Dr. Lucas is a dedicated member of Faith Promise Church. This multi-site church is centered in Knoxville, where you can find Jay and his family every Sunday.
Why He Does What He Does 

If you ask Dr. Lucas, he’ll tell you that his education and experience are the two tenets that have guided him throughout his medical career and brought him to where he is today. But you may be wondering why he originally chose a career in plastic surgery of all specialities… 

“I went into plastic surgery because I want to help change the way people perceive themselves. Each human body is covered with striking, unique attributes—real beauty that, when accentuated, creates real confidence.” – Dr. Jay Lucas 

If you haven’t met Dr. Lucas before, we hope this quick read has you feeling like you already know him a little better. If you’re one of our loyal patients or a close contact of his, we hope you learned something new! Let us know which “fun fact” surprised you the most on social media!

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