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What Makes a Plastic Surgeon Qualified to Help You?

So you’re considering investing in yourself through plastic surgery! This can be an exciting and important time as you consider what procedures may be the best fit, plus whom to trust with your care. 

Finding a proven plastic surgeon you can trust is key, since she or he can help you to decide on the best plan of action to achieve the results and confidence you want. 

So, how do you determine what makes a plastic surgeon qualified?

Qualification #1: Board Certification

It’s crucial to make sure that any surgeon you consider working with is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery  (ABPS), which is the only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties

Terminology Tip: What does it mean for a doctor to be “board-certified”? Basically, they have studied and passed rigorous tests to demonstrate extensive knowledge of their field and are highly-qualified to practice their specialty. 

Qualification #2: Years of Experience

Another aspect to consider when looking for a plastic surgeon to partner with is how many years of education they have received in their field, as well as how many years they have been in surgical practice. 

When you’re ready to make changes to your body and want the best possible results, you’ll want to be in the hands of a seasoned plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds or even thousands of successful procedures and consistently delivers excellent results. 

Learn more about Dr. Lucas, his education, surgical experience, and his board certification here. You might also want to check out patient reviews of The Lucas Center or watch video testimonials to hear about real results firsthand.

Qualification #3: The Technology the Surgeon Uses

The surgeon’s skill is paramount, and the tools they use are too. When evaluating whether a plastic surgeon might be a good fit for you, find out what technology they use to bring the best results possible and help make the process easier and better for you as a patient. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, read brochures and websites, and take your time researching and deciding, if you need to. You deserve to be informed. 

VECTRA 3D Imaging System

One of the technologies we’re proud to offer here at The Lucas Center is our in-office VECTRA 3D Imaging System for the following procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
  • Genioplasty (chin augmentations)
  • Breast augmentations and lifts (with or without implants)

This system provides 3D imaging to help you visualize your results for these services, so you can feel comfortable and confident selecting a procedure and moving toward the results you want. 

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If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in East Tennessee, it’s well worth your time to read multiple surgeons’ websites and online reviews. When you’re ready, you’ll want to meet the surgeon you have in mind to make sure you feel comfortable and cared for. 

That’s why Dr. Lucas takes time with each patient to understand their health, unique needs, and desired results. Here at The Lucas Center, we’re all about creating confidence, which starts with a personalized consultation. Schedule your consultation online or give us a call today at (865) 218-6210.

Want to dive deeper into this topic? Dr. Lucas has written more on what makes a plastic surgeon qualified and why not all providers are equally qualified here.

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