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Advice from Dr. Jay Lucas: Should You Get a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

You’ve probably seen billboards and internet ads promoting “non-surgical face lifts.” So, you want to know what all the fuss is about. Do they really work? Or, like many fleeting quick-fix beauty trends, do they overpromise and underdeliver? 

Read on for pros and cons of this trend that’s getting a lot of attention in the beauty industry — plus helpful insights from Dr. Jay Lucas, Knoxville’s premier plastic surgeon, on how it stacks up against a traditional face and neck lift surgery. 

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

“Non-surgical face lift” is an umbrella term used to describe procedures that aim to tighten facial skin without surgery. These procedures might include:

  • Using radiofrequency devices (i.e. Ulthera)
  • Injectable soft tissue fillers  
  • Thread lifts or “threading” (different from eyebrow threading)

Pros & Cons of Non-Surgical Face Lifts

If you’re trying to decide how to tighten sagging skin on your face or neck, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons and comparing options. 

Pros of a non-surgical face lift can include:

  • Can result in temporary tightening and firming of the face
  • Are less invasive  
  • May be less expensive 
  • Provide easier and shorter recovery times, since surgery is not involved

Cons of a non-surgical face lift can include:

  • Produce very temporary results
  • Produce significantly inferior results 
  • Cannot reposition fallen skin that causes “jowls” over the jaw line
  • Cannot address muscle bands sagging in the front of the neck (often a major concern for people seeking face and neck lifts)
  • Do not reduce excess skin

Can Radiofrequency Devices, Fillers, or Thread Lifts Reposition Skin?

Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lucas observes:

“Some people try to reposition skin with excess filler as another non-surgical approach, but this can give a distorted, unnatural look. I have also had countless people come to me complaining they got threading and saw very little results, and costs were significant.” 

Ultimately, there is no non-surgical option that provides a long-term solution to the problem of excess, sagging skin on the face and neck. If you’re ready to learn more about a traditional face and neck lift surgery that does reposition skin, we’ve got you covered

So, Are Any Non-Surgical Procedures Helpful?

If you’re not ready for a full face lift, but you’d like to counteract some of time’s effect on your face, The Lucas Center is also happy to offer non-surgical aesthetic services.

Filler agents like BOTOX® and Juvederm®, as well as chemical peels and microneedling, are all minimally-invasive approaches to subtly subdue the aging process. However, as age and gravity continue to affect your body, maintaining a youthful, refreshed appearance of the face and neck eventually requires surgical intervention.

Ultimately, There’s No Substitute for a Well-Done Face Lift

The bottom line: some non-invasive techniques may help you delay surgery, but they can never produce the same results. Dr. Lucas said it best: 

“If there’s significant excess skin in the neck, and tissues have fallen, then there’s really no substitute for a well-done face lift that looks extremely natural. It can help people embrace aging by looking and feeling refreshed and giving them a newfound confidence.”

Deciding What’s Best For You

If you’re ready to discuss all your options and concerns, our team is ready to help! We take the time to learn about you and help you make the decision that will help you feel your best. Schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Lucas or give us a call today at (865) 218-6210.

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