Correcting Signs of Aging with Face Lift Surgery

Let’s face it: Aging can be difficult enough without constant reminders when we look in the mirror. If this is something you find yourself dealing with often, a rejuvenating Face Lift may help by restoring your youth and creating true, lasting confidence. 

Keep reading to find out if plastic surgery in Knoxville is right for you…

Are You Considering a Rhytidectomy (Face Lift)?

How to Know if It’s Right for You

Many of our Face Lift patients come to us seeking alignment—in other words, they want how they feel on the inside to match how they look on the outside. This is especially common for people over 50 years old, who may be experiencing things like loose or drooping skin, deep wrinkles, or a general loss of volume in the face. 

While there are MANY ways to help slow or minimize the effects of aging, it’s important to remember that the only way to safely correct loose, hanging skin is with surgery.

Though Face Lift surgery (or surgery of any kind) can sound intimidating, we want anyone considering facial rejuvenation to know it’s a common procedure. In fact, it’s one Dr. Jay Lucas has performed countless times at The Lucas Center.

What to Expect: Recovery & Results

The results of a Face Lift can be extremely transformative and long-lasting. If you choose a surgeon like Dr. Lucas, who’s Board-Certified and highly knowledgeable of craniofacial anatomy, you can expect to see swelling post-surgery—80% of which typically clears up after week two.

After about 6 weeks of recovery, you’ll begin to truly see the results at their peak! A good, precise Face Lift should produce long-lasting results that last for at least a decade on average.

Face Lift Surgery: Dr. Lucas’s Process at a Glance

Before every procedure, Dr. Lucas visualizes the face in three components: the upper facial third (the forehead, brows, and eyelids), the middle facial third (the cheeks and lateral face to the ears), and the lower facial third (just below the nose, including the lower jaw and neck). 

Here’s a few things he looks for during his evaluation of these areas:

  1. Upper third area: If your brows are drooping over your eyelids, they may need to be repositioned with an endoscopic brow lift. The upper lids need to be open enough to show the full aperture of the eye to avoid a sleepy look. Your lower eyelids should have a crisp lateral angle and fully support the eye without excess tissue or fat.
  2. Middle third area: Missing volume is extremely common in this area of the face. This can be temporarily restored by adding facial fillers, but The Lucas Center recommends a technique called fat grafting for longer lasting results. If you’re already in surgery, fat grafting can be an efficient option for many patients.
  3. Lower third area: This area includes the lips and chin, which may also require volume restoration with facial fillers or (in the case of the chin) implants if the deficiency is significant. Other areas often addressed in the lower facial third are the neck and jawline, which almost always require a face and/or neck lift to rejuvenate as very few minimally-invasive procedures are effective at correcting loose skin in these areas.

Your Personalized Consultation

The Lucas Center is proud to help create precise, beautiful results with cosmetic surgery procedures like Face Lifts. We see patients from Knoxville, Maryville, Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, Abington, and surrounding areas in East Tennessee, as well as those from out-of-state, and we’d love to see you next!

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